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    How to Buy a Property in Italy – Bonuses to Help You Buy Property ❤️

    Buying property anywhere can be stressful, right/ So why would you want to do a daft thing and buy property in a faraway country that speaks a different language? Well, for some who think like that, they’re probably missing out on one of life’s great adventures, especially when that country is Italy! For you though, you’re not going to let the thoughts of small-minded people pour water on your dream, are you? So, before you get access to some super bonuses, would you like to get an ongoing collection of news, reports, resources and courses on working and living in Italy? It’s so EASY to access! Just take a quick…

  • Ep. 5: The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent | What Do They Do At Work?
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    Ep. 5: The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent | What Do They Do At Work?

    Welcome to our video blog. My name is Robert Rico, California Realty Training. Thanks for coming. So you want to know what a real estate agent actually does all day long? Well, let me tell you. The typical day is extremely, extremely atypical. For example, if you’re working with a seller, boy, there’s a lot of things you do with a seller. For example, when you’re working with a seller, first thing you want to do is get their motivation. Are they motivated to sell? If they’re motivated to sell, then what you do is you pay them a visit, and of course you come along with comps, comparables. With…

  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers Career Video
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    Real Estate Agents and Brokers Career Video

    Whether they represent the people who want to buy property or those who have property to sell, real estate brokers and sales agents help clients find the property they’re looking for, and complete successful transactions. Most agents and brokers work with either homes or business properties. They show properties to customers, travel to see properties for sale, and meet with potential clients. They also present purchase offers, and manage negotiations between buyers and sellers. Agents and brokers invest a lot of time looking for clients, and for property to sell. Real estate sales agents must work for brokers, who are licensed and own their own businesses. Agents earn a commission…

  • Rochester Property Management: G & M  Properties
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    Rochester Property Management: G & M Properties

    Managing your own rental property? Here’s how that usually goes: You either start as an investor or want to rent your current home. You need a tenant, so now you become a tenant finder. Except to find a tenant you’ve got to market your property so now you’re a marketing specialist. When you find a prospective tenant you will need to prepare a lease contract, run background checks, income verifications, credit checks, check previous rental history, and now you became a leasing agent. With your approved tenant, you now become a landlord. Since tenants don’t always pay rent on time, you will become a Bill Collector. Of course, you will…

  • CSS font-size property | Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages | Computer Programming | Khan Academy
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    CSS font-size property | Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages | Computer Programming | Khan Academy

    – [Voiceover] We can also use CSS to change the size of our text. As you can see by looking at the headings on this page compared to the paragraphs, the browser already provides default styles with different sizes for different elements. There’s a body font size and bigger sizes for each level of heading. Sometimes you want to tweak those sizes though. And we can do that with the CSS font size property. For example, what if we want all of the text on our page to be just a little bit smaller. Well go to the style tag. And we’ll add a CSS rule for the body tag.…

  • File Your Homeowners Property Tax Refund Online
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    File Your Homeowners Property Tax Refund Online

    The Minnesota Department of Revenue offers free electronic filing for the Homestead Credit Refund for Homeowners, also known as the property tax refund. Our Property Tax Refund Online Filing System is a free and easy way to file for your refund and have it directly deposited into your bank account. You qualify to file electronically if: You are a homeowner filing an original property tax refund return; are filing a refund within the last two tax years; did not rent out part of your home; and did not use your home for business. To file using our system, you will need your Social Security number, address, a valid email address,…

  • HM Land Registry: Who we are and what we do
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    HM Land Registry: Who we are and what we do

    It’s amazing what can grow from the smallest seed back in 1862 Land Registry opened its doors with only 6 staff Today our work touches the lives of millions of people in England and Wales, where land and property is registered with us Behind the scenes our work protects millions of buyers, sellers and lenders, enabling them to transfer land and property with complete confidence So first time buyers and young families can feel secure in their new registered homes the most valuable asset they may ever own Small business owners are also free from worries about property fraud and can operate with confidence, assured by our state guarantee And…