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    3Tips To Improve Zillow Ad Oct 12 2019 1

    Thinking of selling your home on Zillow? Don’t do it until you check out these three tips. Zillow.com by far is the number one real estate website in the world. It gets about 30 million unique visitors each and every month. So in order to catch some of those unique visitors – you have to make sure that your ad stands out. Now by far, everyone knows that Zillow sells leads to Realtors so when a potential buyer sees your home and they’re interested – they have to bypass those two, three to four Realtors who have purchased those spaces on that page and then click to your information. Tip…

  • Are Realtors Becoming Obsolete?
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    Are Realtors Becoming Obsolete?

    Kris Krohn here and today we’re talking about our realtors becoming obsolete? So it’s really a good question. Our realtors going to become obsolete? I think one of the things that you and I really got to understand is that the market creates efficiency. And as long as there’s money that can be saved, someone’s going to find a way to invent a technology that can save you money. Right now though, let’s look at what a realtor is really doing. Realtors got a pretty big job. One, they go out and they find houses for you or they list your house for sale. Now, people have already started finding…

  • How to Buy a House Without a Realtor (2020) | Hauseit®
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    How to Buy a House Without a Realtor (2020) | Hauseit®

    Buying a house without a Realtor is easy. There’s no requirement for the buyer to have a Realtor; however, most sellers will have a listing agent representing them. Many MLS broker databases allow members of the public to search for listings directly on their websites, or you could search on your own on any number of popular, public property search websites. Is Buying a House Without a Realtor Wise? No. Buying a house without a Realtor may be easy, but it is the opposite of wise. You’re not saving any money by not having a buyer’s agent, and you miss out on the opportunity for free guidance from a real…

  • 14 Properties of a Rhombus
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    14 Properties of a Rhombus

    What is a Rhombus? A rhombus is most commonly recognized as a diamond,but they are bot limited to this shape. Let’s take a look at 14 properties of a rhombus. A Rhombus is a Quadrilateral, which means it has four sides, In addition,each side is equal or congruent. The opposite sides of a rhombus are parallel. A rhombus has opposite sides that are congruent. The diagonals of a rhombus are perpendicular. The diagonals of a Rhombus form four congruent interior triangles. The diagonals of a rhombus bisect each other which means they cut each other in half. The formula for finding the perimeter of a Rhombus equals p=4 x sides…

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    Fall in Love with this Land // Amor a esta Terra (ROTA VICENTINA 2018)

    For some years I’m doing hiking and for this year I thought I would like to go to Portugal It’ special… Special place… I grew up in a healthy way and am very attached to this way of life As humble as they were and what little they might have, they would share. This here is the path that was laid down by the people who lived here We see the mountains, we see the river, we see the sea Iit’s beautiful, just beautiful We are fortunate to be sought out for the right reasons It’s one of the most perfect places to be. You look around and it’s green.…

  • Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver | November 2019 Market Update
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    Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver | November 2019 Market Update

    – Hey everyone, Richard Robbins here. Well, the numbers are in for the real estate board of Greater Vancouver up to the end of November. Now at the end, what I’ve done is put something a little different in as I always try to do, is I’m going to show you a breakdown of what percentage of each property type is making up the total sales. So I hope that you find that helpful. First if all, January now through the end of November. So let’s look at where we are. November we did 2498. How did that compare to October? We did 2858. We were down by 12.6%, pretty…

  • Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update – April 2019
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    Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update – April 2019

    So, how did the Las Vegas real estate market fare for March 2019? Well that’s what we’re talking about today and we’re starting right now! Hey everyone welcome back to my channel I’m Angela O’Hare a realtor here in Las Vegas, Nevada with The O’Hare Team at Urban Nest Realty. If this is your first time here, consider subscribing by clicking that button right down below and even that bell for notification. Because I talk about all kinds of cool stuff Las Vegas related and you don’t want to miss out. Welcome to the April issue of my monthly minute market update for Southern Nevada. Today I will be going…

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    3 Ways to Make Real Estate Passive Income

    Real estate is NOT passive income…at least not in the way most videos make it out to be. In this video, I’ll compare property investing against three other passive income ideas then reveal the only three forms of true passive income real estate investing. We’re talking real estate investments today on Let’s Talk Money! Beat debt. Make money. Make your money work for you. Creating the financial future you deserve. Let’s Talk Money. Hey Bowtie Nation, Joseph Hogue with the Let’s Talk Money channel. A special shout-out to all you in the nation, thank you for spending a part of your day here. If you’re not part of the community…