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    Singapore Real Estate | How Money is made in Enbloc Sales

    en-bloc en-bloc en-bloc where exactly is the money made? Learn more about Singapore Real Estate with GC. you have heard that en-bloc made money, but do you know, where exactly is the money made? Yes, it is true that developers are willing to pay higher prices, compared to individual units. but why? No, it is NOT synergy! The answer is your Common Areas! In an en-bloc sale, together, you are selling your common areas too. Whereas in an individual sale, you are only selling your own unit, without common areas. The new buyer who bought from you, continues to pay a monthly maintenance fee for the common areas. You don’t…

  • Ep. 5: The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent | What Do They Do At Work?
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    Ep. 5: The Typical Day Of A Real Estate Agent | What Do They Do At Work?

    Welcome to our video blog. My name is Robert Rico, California Realty Training. Thanks for coming. So you want to know what a real estate agent actually does all day long? Well, let me tell you. The typical day is extremely, extremely atypical. For example, if you’re working with a seller, boy, there’s a lot of things you do with a seller. For example, when you’re working with a seller, first thing you want to do is get their motivation. Are they motivated to sell? If they’re motivated to sell, then what you do is you pay them a visit, and of course you come along with comps, comparables. With…

  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers Career Video
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    Real Estate Agents and Brokers Career Video

    Whether they represent the people who want to buy property or those who have property to sell, real estate brokers and sales agents help clients find the property they’re looking for, and complete successful transactions. Most agents and brokers work with either homes or business properties. They show properties to customers, travel to see properties for sale, and meet with potential clients. They also present purchase offers, and manage negotiations between buyers and sellers. Agents and brokers invest a lot of time looking for clients, and for property to sell. Real estate sales agents must work for brokers, who are licensed and own their own businesses. Agents earn a commission…

  • A Solid Real Estate Team Expansion Plan  Structure, Strategy & Growth
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    A Solid Real Estate Team Expansion Plan Structure, Strategy & Growth

    He’s taken his team and expanded into multiple markets. They produce 140 million in annual sales volume, which you know, equals out to 5 million in gross commission income per year. Cool. Hi, I’m Brian Icenhower and I have the pleasure of being with you today, uh, with a good friend coaching client and an Icenhower coaching and consulting coach himself. Uh, Rick fuller. Rick, welcome. Great. Thanks Brian. Good to be here. Yeah, it’s great to have you. Um, you know, Rick and I worked together on a lot of different wealth levels. He’s up in the San Francisco Bay area and just has an amazing team. They produce…

  • Scripts Role Play from a Real Estate Coach’s Perspective
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    Scripts Role Play from a Real Estate Coach’s Perspective

    hi I’m Brian Icenhower and I’m here with Apple Corey aw I am so happy to be here with you again it’s been a while since we’ve been on a video welcome Apple thanks Ryan I’m glad I’m here Apple and I have been coaching and training together for about the last six years or so and Apple coaches with with me at ice and our coaching and consulting I’m proud to have her as one of the leaders that coaches a lot of the coaches and our company as well too and and what’s unique about Apple is she actually still sells real estate sells about a hundred homes…

  • A Drug Dealer To a Successful Real Estate Investor : Quentin Flores
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    A Drug Dealer To a Successful Real Estate Investor : Quentin Flores

    what’s going on everyone this is Sam Kwak one of the Kwak Brothers: real estate investor and today we have a very special guest on our interview series mr. Quentin Flores AKA “Q” as most people call him and Q is down in Texas I believe and he’s got a massive National real estate investing presence – he’s got a ton of experience and as well as results and it we’ll get to that in just a sec but Q is someone that I respect a lot and we had interactions on Facebook multiple times but we’ve really never had a full-blown conversation face-to-face or I would say video to…

  • Clause 24 (Interest rate Relief Changes) Property Tax
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    Clause 24 (Interest rate Relief Changes) Property Tax

    Hi, in this short video I’m going to talk to you about the tax changes that were brought in that started in April 2017. They’re gonna run through for four years to get them fully in place, and it’s called Clause 24, also known as interest rate relief changes, mortgage interest rate relief changes. It’s the main tax change that affects property investors and this video is really here to help get rid of some myths, debunk some myths that are getting in the way and to give you some clarity so you move forward with purpose and get on with investing because property investing is outstanding. It gets you…

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    Texas REALTOR® Magazine Minute – May 2017

    If you’re like most real estate agents, you’re not following a business plan. And that means you’re probably not reaching the level of success that you could. Here are 3 things that should be in your business plan: Your mission statement This will pinpoint what you’re trying to accomplish. How you’ll market yourself What will your marketing say? Where will it be placed? How you’ll build revenue That third piece, revenue, confuses many real estate professionals. A lot of templates found online for traditional business plans are geared toward getting a small business loan and often include revenue projections that real estate agents aren’t equipped to make. Don’t worry about…

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    Corporation vs LLC for Real Estate Investors

    – Hi, Clint Coons here with Anderson Business Advisors. And in this video, I’m going to discuss the difference between using a corporation versus a limited liability company for real estate investing. All right, so this comes up a lot. You know, should you create a corp or a LLC. Most of you, if you’re watching this video, are probably thinking you need a limited liability company. And I see it all the time when I run into new investors, I ask them, “What kind of entity did you create?” “Oh, I created an LLC.” Why? “Well, everybody’s doing it, why wouldn’t you? I was told from my local practitioner…