• The Properties of Camera Lenses
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    The Properties of Camera Lenses

    Hi John Hess from FilmmakerIQ.com – with a grounding in the science and history of lenses, let’s explore the features of the modern day lenses and explain what focal length, aperture, the features of prime and zoom lenses, and some specialty lens equipment you may run into as a filmmaker. The first and most fundamental property of a photographic lens is it’s focal length. Recall that the focal length on a simple thin lens is the distance from the point where collimated rays of light converge into a single point. With photographic lenses being a series of different elements, the focal length is slightly more complicated. When talking lenses we’re…

  • Properties of Limits Calculus 1 AB
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    Properties of Limits Calculus 1 AB

    BAM!!! Mr. Tarrou. That was a quite jump. In this video we are going to continue our discussion of limits. The basic idea of limits and how you find them in Calculus. So I just did a video of finding limits both graphically and numerically. That is just looking at graphs of functions and identifying limits, both the left and the right hand limits. If those are equal then there is a two sided limit. And finding them with t-table. But both of those techniques are very tedious. Now we are going to start looking at properties of limits and learning how we can just use algebra, and not have…

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    Invest with No Money or Credit Using Creative Real Estate Investing Strategies | Epic Real Estate

    Many believe real estate investing is for people with plenty of cash in the bank and super credit scores. That belief couldn’t be further from the truth, not to mention that that belief could be devastating to your real estate investing potential. There is more to real estate investing than the conventional approach of bank financing and 20% cash down payments. The world of “creative” real estate investing is a world of which anyone can participate regardless of money and credit resources. In order for it to work for you, you’ll have to make a decision to work “it.” As an educator, it never ceases to amaze me by how…

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    Retirement Planning?… How Many Investment Properties Should Be In Your Retirement Plan?

    Have you ever given any thought to retirement planning? If so, how many investment properties do you reckon you’d need to be comfortable? Hi. My name’s Tony Law from Your First Four Houses, and I teach people how to build a small property portfolio that generates a great income so they can give up the day job and become financially free. If this is your first item here, be sure to subscribe to the channel and click that notification icon so you don’t miss out on any of the free content that I give you each and every week. So, before we start, I’m not FCA approved, and so before…

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    REALTOR.ca mobile app V2.0 for iPhone

    Start your property search here REALTOR® With the all new app from REALTORS® across Canada. Redesigned for iPhone Search the largest collection of properties in Canada. With all new navigation To search for Nearby listings Newly listed Open houses REALTORS® Keep track of your searches For easy access to your REALTOR® and favourite listings Search anywhere even by intersection Like a property? Add it to your tour! Schedule a time with your REALTOR® and get directions to guide the way! And always be sure it’s on the budget With you every step of the way REALTORS® make finding your dream property easier than ever. Download it today on iPhone REALTOR®…

  • What’s The Best Property Investment Strategy For You?
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    What’s The Best Property Investment Strategy For You?

    – If you wanna learn how to invest in property, I believe that there’s 10 key skills you need to master. And skill number five is to become laser focused on your strategy. And so what should your strategy be? (easy theme music) Hi, my name’s Tony Law from Your First Four Houses, and I teach people how to build a small property portfolio, that generates a great income, so they can become financially free. And then, if they wish, they can give up their day job, and go and live a more fulfilling life doing something that they’re really passionate about. If this is your first time here, be…

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    Where to Find Cash to Invest in Real Estate with No Money or Credit | Epic Real Estate Investing

    Hot Tip! Your creativity can be a bigger financial resource than actual money; to the point where you don’t even NEED money or ACCESS to bank loans. Think about it, no need for money… or credit… just words and imagination — it’s like one red paperclip, you know the kid who traded from a paperclip to a house in a year? Except… this isn’t nearly as difficult. If he can do that, you can do this. Hang on to your eyeballs, because my primary method of finding money for my deals might shock you. Here it is. FIRST, I look to the seller to provide financing for my deal as…