• How 5G Technology Changes Real Estate Development
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    How 5G Technology Changes Real Estate Development

    Thank you so much for coming to 5g and what it means my name is Len forcus and My company is called milestone communications. We build and own cell phone towers were based in Washington DC area just to give you a little context about Uli I’ve been involved with Eli for Almost 20 years. I was the chair of Eli Washington and also chair of the District Council program. I’m a former trustee and it’s really really fun to be invited to talk about something that I Purposely transitioned my business toward in prior years. I was a landscape architect apartment developer worked for a home builder We did…

  • Refractive Properties of Gradient Index Optics
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    Refractive Properties of Gradient Index Optics

    [Duncan Moore] As an example of a gradient index material I have here a piece a plastic. And you notice as I shine a laser beam straight through it, it goes straight through as you would expect. But as I move the laser beam up, it curves down and so what we’ve got is we’ve got a change in the composition from the top to the bottom. So everybody’s observed this phenomenon. When the light goes down here at an angle notice it comes out about the same angle going uphill. This is exactly what happens when the road appears to be wet on a hot summer’s day. The road…

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    Land Rover AdBlue: What it is and how to use it

    What you need to know about Land Rover AdBlue. New rules and new technologies mean the latest Land Rovers are better for the environment than ever. One way our engineers have achieved this, is with Selective Catalytic Reduction. A special Diesel Exhaust Fluid called AdBlue is added to your exhaust system. Adblue turns harmful Nitrous Oxide emissions into water and other harmless gases. To work properly, the AdBlue levels in your Diesel Exhaust Fluid tank have to be maintained. We’ll top up your Adblue as part of your service plan, but you may need to do it yourself, especially if your mileage is higher than average. So, if you see…

  • How to use a 360 camera for your real estate business
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    How to use a 360 camera for your real estate business

    – Hi, and welcome. My name is Simon Cohen, and today, I’m going to give you a quick introduction to using 360 cameras in your real estate business. 360 cameras, like this Samsung Gear 360, let you shoot photos and videos that capture, as the name suggests, 360 degrees around you. When played back on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or VR goggles, viewers can choose where they want to look, instead of only seeing one perspective. Unlike panoramas, with 360 photos and videos, you can look up, down, as well as side to side, perfect for checking out hardwood floors, or perhaps decorative crown moldings. You’ve probably already seen 360…

  • What Would Happen If Humans Tried To Land On Jupiter
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    What Would Happen If Humans Tried To Land On Jupiter

    – The best way to explore a new world is to land on it. That’s why humans have sent spacecraft to the Moon, Venus, Mars, Saturn’s moon Titan, and more. But there are a few places in the solar system we will never understand as well as we’d like. One of them is Jupiter. Jupiter is made of mostly hydrogen and helium gas, so trying to land on it would be like trying to land on a cloud here on Earth. There’s no outer crust to break your fall on Jupiter, just an endless stretch of atmosphere. The big question then is, could you fall through one end of Jupiter…

  • House Update: Our Roadster Garage!
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    House Update: Our Roadster Garage!

    – Welcome to house update number six. Yes, we are building our own home and we’re trying to keep you guys updated and it’s been like over a month since I’ve given you an update and I apologize. We’ve been traveling, been summer, kids are back in school. We have something exciting today, you probably seen the title, you seen the thumbnail, right now I’m in our actual garage, which, you know we have the old, first generation Roadster, and we should be getting a free, second generation Roadster. So I think it’d be really cool to maybe have a lift right here so that you have the old Roadster…

  • GIANT 3D Printers Make Ten Houses in Only a Day!
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    GIANT 3D Printers Make Ten Houses in Only a Day!

    Looking for your dream home? Just press print. You know, I love 3D printing. I’ve talked about it a lot, in fact the second episode ever of Fw:Thinking was about 3D printing. And it was pretty thorough. But I’ve got to talk about it some more, so here’s a way to catch up. It’s also known as additive manufacturing, because a 3D printer builds an object by laying layer upon layer of material until it’s finished. It’s less wasteful than regular manufacturing because you don’t have to cut or carve away material to build your object. And in fact the automotive and airplane industries have been using this technology for…

  • OC REALTORS Training/Update Videos: How An Agent Uses the CRMLS Exclusion Form
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    OC REALTORS Training/Update Videos: How An Agent Uses the CRMLS Exclusion Form

    Hi, this is Anthony with OC Realtors, here to give an instructional training video. Most of you asked, “What’s the difference between the CAR SELM or Sellers Instructions to Exclude Listing from the Multiple Listing Service and CRMLS’ Sellers Instruction to Exclude listing from the MLS. The answer to that question is DOM or Days On Market. Today’s instructional video will go over the CRMLS Exclusion Form, which is the form that we here at OC REALTORS® recommend that you use for a client if your client does decide they want or need you to exclude the property from the MLS. Okay. So let’s go over the CRMLS Exclusion Form.…