• Diversity Turn in Land Use Science: Teaser
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    Diversity Turn in Land Use Science: Teaser

    Here in the Sava region around seventy thousand farmers basically produce all the vanilla that we consume in the Western world. Without this region there would be no ice cream with vanilla and none of these other products. More than two years ago, the price of vanilla was less than 8 Euros. So that time was quite different. Because then, many international companies decided to switch to using only natural flavours and this has created a boom in vanilla here in the region. The prices have gone up more than 1,000%. Nobody expected this to come. Vanilla producers and merchants are the ones who have profited the most from the…

  • Incredible Mini Earthship Style Cabin – Tiny Off Grid House with Solar Power
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    Incredible Mini Earthship Style Cabin – Tiny Off Grid House with Solar Power

    Hey everyone! It’s Danielle from Exploring Alternatives. In this video, we’re checking out a tiny earthship at the Terra Perma eco-resort in Harrington, Quebec, Canada. [Music Playing] So it’s basically a form of passive solar home that allows you to heat your home and keep it cool just by controlling the energy from the sun. There’s one main wall in this earthship and it’s built in a U-shape using recycled tires that are filled with earth and then they piled on a bunch of earth on top of that wall at the back so that the wall and that huge mound that they created form a thermal mass that can…

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    Simple and Sustainable Living in My Tiny House

    Hey everyone, I’m Rob Greenfield, and welcome to my little homestead in Orlando, Florida. I have been in Orlando for just about 2 years now, so my time here is coming to an end, just as I planned. But before I go, I want to give you one last tour of my little homestead and share my life and why I have designed things this way. So, welcome in, and I’m going to show you around! Before I get started, I just want to say, this isn’t just about this tiny house or this homestead. It’s really about a way of life. It’s about away of thinking. For me, it’s…

  • Earth Overshoot Day 2017 lands on August 2
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    Earth Overshoot Day 2017 lands on August 2

    Hi folks, Alex here. Have you heard of the Ecological Footprint and Earth Overshoot Day? Our Ecological Footprint is how much we demand from nature. Currently, humanity is using the equivalent of 1.7 planets. Every year Global Footprint Network calculates Earth Overshoot Day. It marks the date when humanity’s demand on nature exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year. In 2000, Earth Overshoot Day fell in late September, and in 2017, it falls on August 2nd. You can think about this as a bank account: for the first seven months and two days in 2017, we lived on our regular salary, after that we started chipping into our savings…

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    Floating cities, the LEGO House and other architectural forms of the future | Bjarke Ingels

    My mom has always reminded me that I have the same proportions as a LEGO man. (Laughter) And she does actually have a point. LEGO is a company that has succeeded in making everybody believe that LEGO is from their home country. But it’s not, it’s from my home country. So you can imagine my excitement when the LEGO family called me and asked us to work with them to design the Home of the Brick. This is the architectural model — we built it out of LEGO, obviously. This is the final result. And what we tried to do was to design a building that would be as interactive…

  • Man Quits Job in Finance to Create Incredible Permaculture Garden | From Finance to Farmer
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    Man Quits Job in Finance to Create Incredible Permaculture Garden | From Finance to Farmer

    Hey there everybody my name is Jordan and welcome to the first film of the ‘living the change” series For this series we’re travelling around New Zealand in our van Bluey sharing the inspiring stories of the people making change to a more sustainable way of life In this first film we’re visiting Andrew & Beth at their permaculture property in the bay of Plenty I felt this void in my life, like there’s something missing so…When I was living in big cities, I had to get away to connect with nature but when i wake up every morning, I come here outside and I’m immediately in nature here I…

  • Magical houses, made of bamboo | Elora Hardy
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    Magical houses, made of bamboo | Elora Hardy

    When I was nine years old, my mom asked me what I would want my house to look like, and I drew this fairy mushroom. And then she actually built it. (Laughter) I don’t think I realized this was so unusual at the time, and maybe I still haven’t, because I’m still designing houses. This is a six-story bespoke home on the island of Bali. It’s built almost entirely from bamboo. The living room overlooks the valley from the fourth floor. You enter the house by a bridge. It can get hot in the tropics, so we make big curving roofs to catch the breezes. But some rooms have tall…

  • Off the grid, tiny house living, in the city!
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    Off the grid, tiny house living, in the city!

    Welcome to my off the grid in the city teeny tiny house life My name is Rob Greenfield and I live here in San Diego California without a single debt or bill to my name. It wasn’t always this simple though. I used to have a half-dozen credit cards, a fair amount of debt, and wanted to be a millionaire. But now my life is all about happiness, health, and living for the benefit of the earth, my community, and myself. I’m largely able to do this through simple living and today I’m going to give you a tour of my simple place. So how do I not have a…