• Kirby’s Dream Land – Green Greens Acapella
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    Kirby’s Dream Land – Green Greens Acapella

    Loading Meme… Badum ba dum bum bum Ba Da Bap! BrrrrrrrRRRRRooOOMmm!~ Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bap BOOM! (x2) Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Bum… BA-BU-BA-BAH! Bu Bu- DyaaaAAAAAhhhhh~!!! Ba, ba do bum-bum-bum-bah~! Bu ba- Dyaahh~! Bu ba- DYAAAH~! Ba-Ba-DyyyyaaaaAAAAAHhhh~~!! Bu bu Dyaaaah~! Ba, Ba-do Ba bum-bum-bah~! Bu Ba- Dyaah~! Bu-Ba-DYAAH~! Ba-Bu-DyyaaaAAAHHHhhhh~! (bubble-bubble-bubble) Ba, Ba-dum bum… BUM-BA-BUM! BOOM~! Loading Bubbles…o0.0o)>bubble bubble (2x) (^o0.0o^)bubble bubble (2x)o0.0o)>bubble bubble (2x)bubble bubble (2x) (^o0.0o^)bubble bubble (2x)

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    Jake Hoot Keeps It Country with “Every Light in the House” – The Voice Live Top 11 Performances 2019

    [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ -♪ I told you I’d leave a light on ♪ ♪ In case you ever wanted to come back home ♪ ♪ You smiled and said you appreciate the gesture ♪ ♪ I took your every word to heart ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I can’t stand us being apart ♪ ♪ And just to show how much I really miss ya ♪ ♪ Every light in the house is on ♪ ♪ The backyard’s bright as the crack of dawn ♪ ♪ The front walk looks like runway lights ♪ ♪ It’s kinda like noon in the dead of night ♪ ♪ Every light in…

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    If I Lived in a Tiny House | CloeCouture

    hey guys it’s chloe and welcome back to my channel today I’m continuing the tiny series, so I just did tiny food making tiny food and now I’m doing if I lived in a tiny house I don’t know why I’m just obssesed with tiny things I have seen videos of tiny houses before and I think they are so cool so I found one on air BNB and decided to live in it so for todays 10 second challenge I want you guys to give this video a like turn on my notifications press subscribe if you are not already and comment below where I should live next in…

  • REBECCA ZAMOLO Christmas SWEATER Official Music Video! (Game Master Challenge)
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    REBECCA ZAMOLO Christmas SWEATER Official Music Video! (Game Master Challenge)

    Christmastime is on my mind ready to get in that holiday grind snow and presents hot cocoa – tis the season just for you so many parties gotta figure out what to wear – some can I just stay home be comfy now get out and go have some fun only one thing on my mind is getting my outfit just in time cuz holidays are common and we gotta get only gotta order on Amazon Prime only three colors red green and white but looking fresh comes with a price that doesn’t fit a Christmas tree that’s your grandma knit you can DIY it with a needle and thread…

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    The Property Brothers Renovated The Actual ‘Brady Bunch’ Home | The Kelly Clarkson Show

    – So you have a new thing though, is it “A Very Brady Renovation?” – We renovated the actual real Brady home, and most people didn’t realize, when you saw on the Brady bunch, the exterior, that was just shot for the exterior, but the whole set was actually in a studio, so nothing matched. It was two story set that was supposed to be in a split level home, so we, HGTV, bought the actual house instead of developers who were going to flatten it, and we renovated it to be the real space and we had all the original six Brady kids as a part of the show,…

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    Lilliana’s Teleportation Door 🏰 Kiddyzuzaa Land Season 2: Episode 8

    – [Kids] Kiddyzuzaa. (lively cheerful music) – Huh? (dramatic music) (banging) Lilliana. – Olivia. It worked. – What worked? What on earth is that thing? – This, Olivia, is a teleport. Your hair looks nice today. – Thanks. – Um, anyway. This is a teleporting door. – Ooh. – It can teleport me straight to my lab, so I can access it on the go. – Amazing! Can we try it out? – Of course. (beeping) Okay. Ready? – Ready. – Oh, just one quick thing before we go. – Yes? – You have a fruit basket on your head. (dramatic music) (laughing) (banging) Now, it’s not quite finished. It…

  • A Lovely Night – La La Land with Kids
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    A Lovely Night – La La Land with Kids

    The sun is nearly gone The lights are turning on A silver shine that stretches to the sea We’ve stumbled on a view That’s tailor-made for two What a shame those two are you and me Some other girl and guy Would love this swirling sky But there’s only you and I And we’ve got no shot This could never be You’re not the type for me Really? And there’s not a spark in sight What a waste of a lovely night You say there’s nothing here? Well, let’s make something clear I think I’ll be the one to make that call But you’ll call? And though you looked so…