• Modern High-End Tiny House with XL Kitchen & Rooftop Deck
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    Modern High-End Tiny House with XL Kitchen & Rooftop Deck

    >>DANIELLE: Hey everyone in this video, we’re checking out a tiny house with a really interesting feature we haven’t seen anywhere else. This is a 24 foot long tiny house on wheels with a rooftop deck that’s built right into the roofline which is a great way to create an outdoor space that moves with the house, especially for someone who doesn’t have room to build a deck where they’re going to be parked. It also has a kitchen with loads of counter space, a loft with extra headroom, a dishwasher, and a hidden combo washer/dryer. We think you’ll love this modern and functional design and we’re going to meet…

  • Graphite and Its Awesome Properties
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    Graphite and Its Awesome Properties

    Hi. Graphite. I like graphite! It’s a specific arrangement of carbon atoms that is highly conductive. Which also allows us to draw. Graphite has many applications. From pencils, to DC motor brushes, to some traces on electronics, to battery carbon rods, and more. This is a replacement lead of a mechanical pencil. It’s not made of lead, of course. It’s carbon. The reason they call it lead is the result of the same ignorance that resulted in calling the North American natives “Indians.“ You know, those early explorers, when they found America, they thought they were in India, so they called them “Indian”. Later, British tried to fix it by…

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    Hey guys, it’s Ro welcome to my home, today i’m gonna take you on a tour of my new place. Some of you know that I moved in earlier in the year. I just got settled. But before we start, a big thank you to Amazon for sponsoring and collaborating with me to make this video possible. I don’t know about you guys, but i’m always ordering stuff on amazon and some of the furniture and items you’ll see in my house, I ordered from amazon So i’ll put a link down below to all of those items so you can check them out if you want now without further…

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    – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I will be sharing with you my full house tour. I have been meaning to film this for so many months and today is the day. I’ve never felt that the house was quite ready to show you, but today I’m gonna show you every room, the garden, everything. If you want any more details on any of the rooms, I have actually filmed room tours for pretty much all of them. So, I will link all of those videos down below and as many items as I can link in the description, as well. So, if there’s anything…