• R.E.S.T. Listing Presentations. What should you be asking a Realtor® before you list with them?
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    R.E.S.T. Listing Presentations. What should you be asking a Realtor® before you list with them?

    Hello everyone, it’s Jeff Miller with the BGM Team. We’re doing another video on the R.E.S.T. series and I just wanted to talk to you about listing presentations and I was at a listing presentation last week and the people that were there were really prepared and got me thinking about how people just aren’t asking the right questions all the time. So I pinpointed a couple of questions that I thought were important to ask and just wanted to kind of let you know how they work and what it is. First one is production where lots people will ask kind of how long you’ve been in the business…

  • 13 Dream Houses in the Woods
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    13 Dream Houses in the Woods

    Hello and welcome! You watch channel RunmanReCords Design. See today, fabulous houses in the forest. Tiny, wooden hut. Modern house, beautiful landscaping. Magnificent house in the forest. Interior design ideas. House with a green roof in the forest. Beautiful house in the forest. Dining and lounge, rustic style. Subscribe to my channel RunmanReCords Design! Thanks for watching!

  • Dinorah Guerra For Vice President of Woman’s Council of Realtors
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    Dinorah Guerra For Vice President of Woman’s Council of Realtors

    Womens Council of Realtors has meant different things for me throughout the years of my membership and involvement. It has given me confidence, It’s shown me the importance of collaboration with your peers. I’ve had the opportunity to represent the Council on a local, state, national and international level and let me tell you that credibility that the Women’s Council has throughout the world even is amazing. If I were to summarize Womens Council has done for me throughout my involvement I would definitely said I had individual growth both on a personal and professional level. My husband and I have grown our brokerage to over 400 agents and 4…

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    Hoarder Downsizes to TINY HOUSE with her Two Cats

    This week’s video is brought to you by Humless, solar power on the go. Over consumption can be a disease for a lot of people. If we crowd our lives with our belongings. We simply don’t leave space in our lives for anything else. That’s exactly what happened to Jen. A self proclaimed hoarder who has now downsized into a tiny house, specifically designed for her home business and her two cats. Hi, my name is Jen. This is my tiny house, tiny dreamer. I went tiny for a couple of different reasons. The first reason was because all of my stuff was controlling me, so I would come home…

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    Why Hire a Realtor?

    – Can you buy or sell a home in Seattle without losing thousands of dollars to your bottom line? We all want that, right? But you need to know a few things. – Be sure to hire a real estate agent or mortgage broker when looking to buy or sell your home. Hi, I’m Steve Hill. – I’m Sandra Brenner with the Brenner Hill team at Windermere, and we are your Ballard to Broadview and beyond experts. Can you buy or sell a home in Seattle without losing thousands of dollars? That’s a great question, and with all the talk about working with companies to buy or sell a home…

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    Las Vegas real estate market highly overvalued!

    Las Vegas real estate market highly overvalued In this video, we will discuss the great price gains in the Las Vegas real estate market in the first 5 months of 2018 and then point out the fatal error in Fitch Rating report which claims that home prices are overvalued by 21.3% here. Las Vegas real estate market for single family homes This graph shows the active listing inventory of single-family homes from May 2016 to May 2018. Up to October 2016, the active listing inventory hovered around 9500 listings. Then within 4 months, it dropped to less than 8,000. By January 2018 it further dropped to about 5500 listing before…

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    House Tour! Realtor’s Tips for Maximizing Space in Your Home | MELANIE ❤️ TAMPA BAY

    Hey guys, come on in! Melanie Atkinson here, Realtor with Smith & Associates. Welcome to my house! We’re taking a tour to show you a few rooms I’ve re-purposed in order to maximize space. Workout Room – This was intended to be an office or an additional bedroom. Instead, I had the same hardwood floors run into the room and moved my home gym equipment in. It’s great for me, because it has a glass paneled door and good acoustics. When I workout, I like having the TV on and a soundbar to listen to music. If you have the space, investing in the equipment is worthwhile and saves you…

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    Southside Homes Ready for Pre-Sale from ep. 227 of City Hall This Week

    if you’re ready to buy your own home and want to be a part of the revitalization of Durham Southside community here some information you want to know about south side is a great development um it is so close to everything that is fun downtown it’s affordable there are incentives for buyers you don’t have to be a first time buyer can and there’s all sorts of great incentives that the city has in place for moderate-income families and as jill is going to be a great great community deep south side location being only two blocks away from the American Tobacco campus Deepak than the term Athletic Park…