• 🔵 We Made 1886 Coca Cola Recipe
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    🔵 We Made 1886 Coca Cola Recipe

    welcome friends today in the kitchen we’re gonna do something a little bit special we’re going to do the 1880s Pemberton coca-cola formula and so Pemberton is the guy who invented coca-cola recipe he invented coca-cola in the hopes that he could wean himself off of morphine with cocaine in the end it didn’t work for him. so so he came up with this formula and this is out of one of his notebooks and it is by no means the recipe or formula the coca-cola uses today and they’re very adamant about that but by making this it should give us a little bit of insight into where this…

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    Hungry and angry, Another food riot breaks out in the streets… – The world food crisis is growing. For the millions of people around the world struggling to buy the most basic of food stuffs these are desperate times. Rich countries are racing to buy and lease agricultural land abroad, and secure their food supplies for the future. Africa, know for its fertile land and low priced agricultural real estate, has become the target of wealthy investors. Dear Listeners, this is Radio Jamakan, greetings to you all. It’s no longer a rumour that in this region we are waiting for the Sosumar sugar cane project. 1,000 square kilometres at a…

  • $50,000 Tiny House Vs. $165,000 Tiny House
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    $50,000 Tiny House Vs. $165,000 Tiny House

    what’s up hey what up hey Carly how are you this is the show it’s got what the lifestyle yeah and this is our friend yeah finally we’re here here we are and so excited to be here with you I mean finally Ivan wanted to be on the show forever what is your debut today we chose you because we know you have good taste first class thank you and we’re looking at houses yes but not just any houses and we are bringing and real Nick II producer of the shoot I love Andrew he’s up there today I’m worth it lifestyle we’re gonna be checking out to…

  • What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food?
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    What Happens When A Fly Lands On Your Food?

    Do you get hot and bothered when your date throws up on their food and slurps it all down? Then you my friend may be a flyosexual. Hey everyone, Laci Green here for DNews. My dad always warned me that flies were the scum of the earth and that I should NEVER (i repeat: NEVER) allow them to land on my food. They’ll vomit! They’ll poop! They’ll spread contagious diseases and you will die! Felt a bit like receiving an abstinence lecture, to be honest. In a recent survey, Orick asked participants: “if you were at a restaurant, which critter would make you drop your fork? Rodents? Cockroaches? Flies? Ants?…

  • 9 Fish That Hunt Land Animals
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    9 Fish That Hunt Land Animals

    from one species that can effectively walk out of the water to another which is known as the fish from hell here are nine fish that can hunt land animals before we begin be sure to subscribe – they will kill you hit the like button and request any topics you’d like to learn about in the comments section below number nine mudskipper mudskippers are found in temperate subtropical and tropical regions including the Atlantic coast of Africa and the Indo Pacific like the name would suggest this fish has several fascinating adaptations which enable it to travel on land as well as in the water they’re able to walk…

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    Land O’ Lakes Supplier Undercover Investigation

    At this Land O Lakes supplier, machines take milk from cows who are covered with urine and feces. Cows in pain who resist standing are electro-shocked, kicked, or otherwise violently handled in an effort to force them to stand up. Dairy cows considered spent by farmers usually go to slaughter for meat. This is cow 717, who was hauled off to slaughter two days after this footage was taken. When kicking failed to force this cow to stand up, she was jabbed in the spine with a blade. Cows who are ill or injured are allowed to deteriorate until they are too weak to stand or get out their own…

  • Organic Urban Farming on a 1/2-Acre Property – Urban Abundance
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    Organic Urban Farming on a 1/2-Acre Property – Urban Abundance

    The vision that leads urban gardener is the creation of culture that is generous and abundant. I like the idea of you know abundant food sources and in a beautiful landscape is a given culturally like an infrastructure of care you know woven into neighborhoods The property here is a half acre in the heart of Oxford, North Canterbury township. And this is Urban Gardner hub. The hub is a center that Urban Gardeners leave from to go and do work in the community. The hub is a place that has a sophisticated greenhouse It has productive garden beds around it that create a cash crop that cover the costs…