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Hey fellow Phoenicians! Victor “Vic” Huerta here and Welcome to your Phoenix real estate VLOG. Today’s
best known method is how realistic is Zillow’s home values on price when you’re thinking
about selling your house in today’s market? OK so 100% of the time when we meet with
the possible seller the client has a price value which is X we show them the real price
value what their house can sell for in today’s market which is Y. 100% of
the time Zillow’s price is on the other side of the spectrum and then our clients face
turns to… Just keeping it real! so, let me explain why the values are over-inflated on Zillow.
There’s really not a computer program that can actually dial into where your house is
located and what your house can sell for in today’s market. So, there are so many factors that comes into play factors when selling your house play when selling your house and let’s get
into a couple factors right now. The most important factors is absorption rate. How many properties on the market for sale right now? What is the Demand vs Supply? How many homes are selling each month in that current market where your house is located? We also have to bring in the factor of where your house is located in the neighborhood? Are you by a park? Are you by a green belt? Are you backed up by a golf course community? Are you on the main road where there’s a lot of traffic? All these factors come into play when selling
your house for top-dollar. Another key Factor is where your address, your house is either in a buyer’s or seller’s market? Does your house have upgrades? These are factors we got to bring in to the situation when trying to find the value of your home so we can sell it in the least amount of time and for top dollar. Now can Zillow come in and look at your house to see if they have upgrades? So, the list goes on on key factors on why Zillow’s prices are always unrealistic when you try to get your home value when you try to sell your house. So, if you want it a exact price on what your home can sell for in today’s market we can actually dial into your neighborhood, compare apples to apples would have sold bring in all the key factors that we just discussed and many other factors to give you the right price and the right time frame on what your house can sell for in the current market in where you’re thinking about selling. Okay fello Phoenicians we would love to sit down with you show you are selling
strategy to sell your house for top dollar in the least amount of time so you can accomplish
the goals that you’re looking to accomplish. Remember folks, it’s just a meeting. If it’s not a fit, we depart friends no hard feelings, but at least give us the chance to come show you our strategies on how we sell homes for top dollars in the
least amount of time. So, we hope you enjoy the BKM (Best Know Method) Why Zillow’s prices are unrealistic when you’re
thinking about selling your house. any questions or comments please leave them below or give us a call Vic Huerta 602.615.1947 Araceli Huerta 480.586.5294

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