Zillow Zestimates in Pensacola, Florida by Realtor Mitch Adcox
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Zillow Zestimates in Pensacola, Florida by Realtor Mitch Adcox

Hey guys. For those of you who don’t know
me, my name is Mitch Adcox and I’m a realtor here in Pensacola Florida with
Realty Masters of Florida. Today, I just wanted to speak to you about the Zillow
and Zestimate that you hear and see on the web. Just wanted to give you some
statistics on Zillow and what this estimate actually means. Here in Escambia
County, 1 out of 5 houses is off by 20% according to Zillow and according to
this estimate you see online. That can be 20% higher than what is actually worth
or 20% lower than what it’s actually worth. With that being said, anytime
you’re trying to sell a home you shouldn’t be worried about what Zillow
says or what the Zestimate is, you should refer to your local professional in the
real estate business and have them run a CMA and do comparables for you of what
your house is actually worth. The reason I wanted to bring this to your attention
is because I have sellers that call me and the first thing they talk about or
want to talk about is hey my house is worth so and so based on these estimate
I saw on Zillow. And that’s where we come into play as selling agents and Realtors. We want to do our best as professionals and represent both parties to the best
of our ability so this Zillow investment isn’t just for our sellers, it’s for our
buyers as well. If you’re a buyer’s agent and you specialize with say first-time
homebuyers or just buyers in general, you want to make sure your buyer is never
overpaying for a house based on what this estimate may tell you. We pulled up
an article from Mike Rosenberg with Seattle Times and Zillow is allocating
and spending upwards of a million dollars to improve their Zestimate. A
million dollars is a lot of money. With that being said, you got to believe that
there are some inaccuracies behind the Zestimate itself. Moral of the story, humans are
still better than machines and we aren able to give you a more accurate price
of what your house is worth. So if you need help and selling your home buying a
home comparing values to Smits and Zillow please feel free to
pick up the phone and give me a call today you can reach me at Thank you for watching Life is good.

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