Zillow Scams In Tampa Florida – How Home Buyers & Renters Are Getting Scammed On Zillow
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Zillow Scams In Tampa Florida – How Home Buyers & Renters Are Getting Scammed On Zillow

Hi everyone your real estate agent Lance Mohr and it looks like the scammers have gotten to Zillow. I know several years ago it was on the news you have so many people were scamming people on craigslist but now apparently it’s got to Zillow. I ran into this just about 10 minutes ago and I thought I’d shoot a video real quick. So I had a property I was renting in riverview and i just put it on his own because there was a company called postlets that I used to use that was fantastic unfortunately zillow bottom and then close them down i guess they’re too much competition for zella so i ended up going on Zillow and posting it and then zella horse feeds to trulia and in another site so i bought the property on literally within five minutes after i put it on a lady called me up and asked me if i was selling the property or renting it and I said well I’m renting it why and she said well I saw on Zillow for sale by owner you can see that the out in front of me so I got on there I i took a look and now this is a rental I don’t know this person I don’t know who this is you know this is someone’s actually doing a scam here so what happened is I thanked her i got off the telephone with her and I wouldn’t know what did this listing one picture and as you can see it’s it’s sort of comical at home you know that 1,700 -1,800 square-foot home and Panther Trace for $90,000 and it says rentis $1,000 and it gives this phone number. So i don’t know what the phone number is I’m imagine it maybe it’s a Google phone number something so i called i gave the gentleman the address and he asked me on you know you know what questions I had about buying it sorta can’t tell we really didn’t have his act together buddy really going to have a foreign accent or anything and I just told him I said hey I like I know you’re running a scam on this property you know if you could please remove this property and then of course he just immediately hung up on me so i’m sure i’m probably not going to get anywhere with Zillow as well. Zillow really doesn’t care. I have to assume they know this stuff is going on. The problem, what happens with Zillow and why Zillow is such a horrible company for home buyers and renters and people with the like is because they allow people to put their own homes on there for free which is a good thing i guess it’s you know you can put it on for sale for rent but the problem is this scammers know this and they’re just feeding off of people and you know all Zillow’s about is just capture your information, capturing your information. so anyhow exist if you’re looking on Zillow if you’re looking to rent if you’re looking to buy I just see I would just say if it it sounds too good to be true it usually is and just make sure you’re getting ahold of the correct person when doing this so just a little FYI if you’re really looking for a kind of a good website just you know click on the link below you can go to mind at least it’s accurate again the problem withZzillow and it’s always been the biggest problem with Zillow is they allow people to self input their own listings and you know whether it’s my website or a decent decent one if you like these big box third-party sites as realtor.com Zillow is just the absolute worst and it looks like now there’s a lot of scams on Craigslist still and people are going to be scamming spam and onZzillow also alright i wish you the best of luck if you have any questions give me a call and have a great day.


  • strawberrie1

    This is absolutely true. My home is listed for sale right now on Zillow and it's not for sale. Whoever it is has been doing this for 2 years straight and it is so bothersome for my family and I to have strangers stopping by our house asking about it. Do you know anything that I can do about it?

  • Budget Luxury

    You should have told the Federal Trade Commission (ftc.gov) about any scams. Any scams, frauds, or bill collectors who are breaking the law should be reported to prevent others from getting scamed. Thanks for this information I will be careful on these sites. What I usually do is go to the actual property before hand and see if the for sale sign is there and call that number. If it's a by owner I knock on the door and ask the people themselves.

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