Zillow Offers Testimonial: James
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Zillow Offers Testimonial: James

I’ve sold and bought
real estate. There’s just a lot of stuff
that you need to go through with a conventional
real estate transaction. And here comes Zillow and all
that stuff is [voot] gone. It just makes
the whole process a lot faster. I use Zillow a lot. So as far as a trusted friend,
no question about it. The first time I got a call
from the rep I realized that, “Oh, this is a rep
that’s going to take care of my case personally.”
I felt good. I felt important. The great thing about this
is the transaction was smooth and was fast.
I got the house sold fast, and then I got the price
I wanted. Everything happened
according to plan. There was no surprises. So the faster
you get the proceeds the faster you can move on
and do something else.

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