Zillow Now Allows Pro Level Video On Platform | Zillow
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Zillow Now Allows Pro Level Video On Platform | Zillow

Hey everybody I’m Stephen Garner with a Hub media company and in today’s video I want to talk to you about some new changes with Zillow now like it or hate it zillow is here to stay why the zillow has quickly become the number-one place consumers go when searching for real estate now when it came to video when we deliver our videos to you would give you instructions on how to upload them YouTube and Pinterest and Instagram and Vimeo your email CRMs all that stuff with the one place the one place consumers were looking for information being zillow you couldn’t put them on actually let me rephrase that you could put videos on but they were little less than desirable walkthrough videos now I’m not a real estate agent but i can tell you that if I was just starting out in real estate I wouldn’t know how to write a contract I wouldn’t know anything about the process and therefore my clients would suffer well as a real estate agent trying to navigate how to use video without understanding angles and white balance and color and overall storyline has left many people using the walkthrough app with a less than desirable result which oftentimes has resulted in a less-than-desirable way to market you and your properties well guess what just got some really good news via inman which is that zillow is now going to allow you to post your videos on zillow not just any videos but your professional caliber videos can now go into here’s what I think it’s going to be a win for a lot of pages now i have seen agents not really understand the significance of 1000 but it’s too expensive been our cost extra money and so that once there’s not much they are looking at the costs instead of the benefit let me remind you again that zillow has become the number-one place consumers go when looking for real estate now what you can do it’s prominently displayed you can put your video the videos that we do for you would help me to accompany the videos that makes you look amazing the video that makes your property jump off the screen the videos that make people want to call and see them you can now have a mozilla more importantly you can have them branded to you yes you can be in your video hi I’m Stephen Gardiner with XYZ realty that like do traditional all that can now be on your video here’s what it means for you you can now introduce the brand of you directly to the consumer they can read your body language they can see that you’re passionate they can see that you understand the property and you know it’s been picking one agent like that in my house guys we’ve seen it so many times where people calling go I got a brand-new listing because they saw the video or this neighbor referred me that one because they saw so and so’s video it works and now you can put your videos in the number-one place consumers are going to look for real estate being zillow now here’s the really cool thing I told you they can be branded I told you that you can be in them but also means that you can now Taylor your message your call to action to get more listings i know that many of my seasoned agents out there already know that consumers are actually sellers before their buyers excuse me buyers before their cellars why because they want to know where they’re going to go next before they put their home on the market for looking for homes where they’re going to go this is where they could run into you run into your marketing they can be drawn into it guys they want it which means now you can customize your call of action too in addition to about the property but for more information about this home for more information or maybe you’d like to know what home your home is worth or maybe you’d like to know more about our marketing plan please call us own self and again this is the number one place where consumers are now looking for information which is zillow here are some things you need to know first of all yes there is a cost was the cost with everything nothing’s free anymore hundred and forty-nine dollars what it costs now it would you pay a hundred and forty-nine dollars to have your content in the place consumers are looking for it I sure hope so some of you are still spending a thousand dollars a month of mailers that no one is looking at it but at least they’re full color right now in addition to that here’s what else you need to know the videos need to be 1080hd ok 1920 x 1080 Full HD they are not supporting for kids yet but that doesn’t matter because for those of you that were shooting 4k and we can downscale your videos to be 1080 guys this is huge for the agents understand it huge for the agents and embrace it and my luxury agents have been all over it and before you say hey no one’s gonna do this no this right now zillow has a waiting list for this feature so when you start losing business to other people who are introducing their brand their marketing strategy the brand of them to the consumer before they get to know you I think you’re going to understand the significance of this new feature i’m stephen bar with media company is the day before thanksgiving go eat get ready because 2017 is going to be amazing it’s gonna be a great year with for video and for the agents that understand i’m standing on would need a company thank you very much go eat

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