Zillow Estimates: Not As Accurate As You Think
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Zillow Estimates: Not As Accurate As You Think

Welcome back everybody. Our real estate expert is in the house. Monte Mohr is here! He has decades of experience in this business. He’s helping another viewer today. This is a good question. It’s a really common question, Kelly. We get it almost every day. I’ve heard this from friends of mine. Yes. Let’s get right to it. “Mr. Mohr, we were excited to see the value
that Zillow gave our home, but now after 3 months on the market we NO offers we are confused. How do we determine what we should be asking
for our home to get the most we can but still get it sold. Please help! -Tracy in Nashville” I hear that… Zillow, I don’t know! We hear it all of the time. Here’s the reality, Kelly, Zillow is absolutely
the worst source of getting that information. They absolutely are. That doesn’t surprise me. I cornered them one time because of a complaint
from a client and they said we don’t care if the information is accurate; we sell advertising. That’s all they cared about. Okay. Here’s what she needs to do: contact a couple
of experienced agents and look at their evidence. I’m not saying go with the highest price that
they come up with, because sometimes agents are tempted to kind of bid for the highest
price. Get the clearest plan to get to the finish
line with the least amount of problems and most amount of money. For the last 30 years, I’ve been helping thousands
of people. Right. Last year my small team helped 291 home owners
buy or sell a property. We did it by implementing these little secrets
in this 100 page book. I want to make it available again for the
viewers. Okay. The promise I make, the first 10 people get
it for free, you’ll sell your home for more money, less time and fewer hassles if you
just implement these key benefits in this book. I love it! First 10 callers; free! You get this book and all of the info inside
of it. It’s (615) 636-8244. Again the first 10 callers will get Monte’s
book for free. You can also find Monte online at TennesseeDreamHomes.com. You can also send him an email if you’d like
to [email protected] Don’t rely on the websites [like Zillow],
go with somebody who actually knows the area and what you’re talking about. Amen! Absolutely. Thank you so much for coming in. Thank you. It’s always a pleasure.

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