Zillow Customer Support for Real Estate Agents
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Zillow Customer Support for Real Estate Agents

today let’s talk about Zillow customer service
support how do you read somebody insulin to help
you with any challenges for any issues that you might be having who do you contact regarding sales are
advertising or marketing or just to get support we’ve made it easier than ever before
let me show you how firms on those website make sure your
login i click on the agent hub overview link located here under the age of the
hub tab in the upper right-hand corner of your browser on the right-hand side of the agent home
page the lotus a box with your solar team and
all their contact information available here you’ll find the name of your
salesperson their email address and even a phone number along with the sales
managers contact information as well just below that you’ll find the online
help center with a link to a variety of helpful tips and support documents showing you more purple ways to get the
most other zola they help center is there to help guide
you through many of the step-by-step and how to processes the other available option as usual
customer service team you have the option to email them
directly by simply clicking on the email us button and providing a detailed
description of your needs or for those must have help mel
movements and situations we’ve created a cabinet chat with us now
button which will connect you to a life
customer support person from are still a customer service team despite of course only works if use
monday through friday nine a_m_ to four p m pacific standard time here let me give you a quick
demonstrations so what are you wanting or needing more
contacts and business through zoe’s websites or mobile apts tools in
business partnerships we’re looking for some do-it-yourself guide to tutorials
or maybe you’re just needed to reach a life customer support person to help you
we’ve got you covered and we’re here to help you in a variety of ways just go to your agent held once a little
will be here waiting for you for watching this video

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