Zillow and Redfin vs. actual Appraisal | The Rescue Ronnie Show! Episode 27
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Zillow and Redfin vs. actual Appraisal | The Rescue Ronnie Show! Episode 27

Hey this is Ronnie and this is the
rescue Ronnie show today I’m here with Bill Doughty how’re you doing Bill I’m
good over here I have bill is actually an appraiser and Bill is gonna give us
some tips and tricks on how to get some top value for your house if you’re gonna
be getting it appraised and then we’re also gonna go and talk about the actual
myth of Zillow and redfin and why they’re a good tool but they’re not
super super racket all right so we’re back we’re here with Bill they’ll give
us a breakdown on some of the things that people can do when they’re about to
get their house appraised and some of the tips and tricks that you can give
them well the appraisers as we’re out there at the homes inspecting your
properties we’re looking for the overall condition quality design appeal and
anything that affects the property either positively or negatively you have
to remember the appraisers are the eyes and ears for the lender so they’re out
there to observe and report so one of the best things you could do is to start
with the curb appeal of your home make sure that it looks really good as the
appraiser drives up to the property and then as far as the interior you don’t
want to do a deep deep deep clean but you definitely want to have the house
clean and clutter-free to make the accessibility of the interior of the
home very appealing to the appraiser so that he can move around freely observe
the quality and condition and features of the home and you know get in and out
as quickly as possible sure yeah and let’s go back to the curb appeal because
I’ve done a couple of videos on curb trying to give people some information
on how they can make their curb appeal curb appeal better what are some of the
things you look for is that just clean or is it like sealants and things of
that sort yeah you know clean and appealing for
the neighborhood that you fit in there has been a lot of research around curb
appeal it’s interesting I’ve read some articles out there that the entryway the
front door to your property has a lot of additional value to it yeah and we’ve
talked about that in some of the other videos that I have that’s huge and then
now we have the question of the redfin and Zillow I’m sure you get this daily
daily and I get it daily as well so tell me how’s Illin redfin work I know we’ve
talked about it off camera a little bit how they work and sometimes the
misconception of them yes everybody thinks their property is worth much more
than yes and this one comes up daily you know out there in the marketplace
customers are always asking about Zillow and redfin so Zillow and redfin you used
computer generated a logarithms right to take those sales data in that
neighborhood and come up with a value for your home it’s using all of the data
in the neighborhood neighborhood whether it’s good or bad so the difference
between an appraiser and the logarithm is a craze or is actually using current
clothes truly competitive properties to your property so the appraiser is going
to be the more accurate final valuation process the Zillow and Redfin are good
to get a ballpark estimate of where you may be but the appraiser isn’t gonna use
the comparable that’s 5,000 square feet versus your 1,200 square foot home when
they’re out there so right whereas that logarithm won’t pick up
5,000 square-foot home and put it into the mathematics so you guys do the dirty
work yes sign this so yeah that’s that’s all good information I appreciate you
coming by man but it’s really awesome a lot of people ask me about this type of
stuff a lot so we’ll clarify all that but as always have the best air live and


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