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Zack Fox’s Style Regrets | DANNY’S HOUSE

Oh, shit.
Look who’s on the couch. It’s Zack Fox. What up, man?
[ Laughs ]
What’s up, man? How are you feeling, man?
Thanks for showing up,
brother. Yeah, of course.
You know, shit. Man, just been — just been
sitting here talking about style
and everything, man. Yeah.
Yeah, man. You ever wore an
outfit before you regret? All the time, man.
Like what? When I was in middle school,
bro. It’s always middle school,
ain’t it?
It’s always middle school. I was just such a weird-ass
little nigga. I would wear, like, heavy,
like, like, six-size-too-big jabos. Oh, yeah.
That was the shit, though. And then,
I’d have on Converse that I would, like,
draw emo signs on and shit ’cause I listened to
My Chemical Romance. [ Laughs ]
I just looked like
a fucking mess. I remember one time,
my mom made me — made me wear these tight-ass brown pants
to school one time.
Mm. I just called in sick.
Fuck that.
You was just like, “I’m not going.” No, I called her. Like,
“I got to take a shit.” Yeah, yeah.
“Come pick me up
from school.” You know what I’m saying?
Yeah, nigga,
you get roasted into just oblivion, like…
I know, it was so fucked up. We went through all that shit,
and now when you’re grown, it’s like a motherfucker
don’t even care no more. Nobody cares anymore.
[ Laughs ] Nobody cares, like I was
throwing my best dick when I had to like walk —
[ Laughs ] When I had to walk
to some pussy and like — I had to fucking —
That — Why is that
always the case when you ain’t got shit,
you fuck the shit out of it. I had nothing. As soon as my credit went up
like a little bit, they was like,
“Ah, fuck this shit.” [ Laughs ]
Soon as my shit went up, I just started to get
erectile dysfunction. Yeah. [ Laughs ] I don’t know how that
worked out for me. Wait, so y-you date a lot? Hell, no.
I’m married. What you do when
you’re married, bro? I-I don’t even —
I can’t even imagine that shit. I don’t know.
I’m just playing video games. It’s almost like
a-a mother-son… Mm.
…relationship. That’s my favorite.
It’s a —
it’s a crazy dynamic. Yeah.
That’s why I always knew
I was kind of like, I don’t know, I was
a different type of nigga. I like to go get my nails
done and shit.
Yeah. And I don’t want to change
no tires.
Yeah. I don’t want to work out. I just
want to go shopping and shit. You know what I’m saying?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I want a WNBA wife. That’s what I’ve decided.
I — I always thought
I wanted a UFC girl. Oof.
That’s dangerous. My wife is into Jujutsu.
Okay. So she can kind
of kick my ass.
She can whup your ass. Yeah, so, like, every now
and then, I get real scared
because, you know, I’ve got in trouble
a few times.
With her? Yeah. So I’d be, like,
in the shower or something, or I’d be
brushing my teeth.
And you think she’s just gonna walk in? And you will hear her say,
like, “Motherfucker!” And I’d be like, “Oh, shit,
I’m about to get killed”, you know what I’m saying?
And I’ll run out, but it’d be, like, the cat done knocked
down some shit or something. Hm. Hm.
You know what I’m saying?
But I got a little PTSD. I feel you. I feel you.
It keeps me disciplined. If you want to be faithful
to your wife, put on some motherfucking
FILA sandals. Flip-flops?
With the Velcro. Girls don’t like that
at all. They like,
“You need to take them sh–” Anything with Velcro, you —
they like, “Stay away from me.”
Oh, really? Like “my kids, my family.”
That’s crazy. It’s kind of like
a repellent.
Yeah, you can tell when a man
has tapped out in life.
Yep. And they just don’t give
a fuck no more.
Yep. Like “I’m married.
It’s over, man.”
Yep. This is it. That’s when you were the one
sandals that look like claws that just, like —
you know what I’m saying? The bird with the strap
right here? Aw, nigga,
them shits are ugly. I mean, that’s the OG,
but anybody that wear them, their rib game on point.
You know what I’m saying? Anybody that got them
sandals, barbecues and — That meat
falling off the bone.
When you see him coming — yeah, when you see
him coming, you just let him do his thing,
you know what I’m saying? So I respect what — that’s — see, that’s how I know
I’m getting older and shit, too, ’cause I’ll be thinking
about that, like, “Man, what makes
a motherfucker just want to start
barbecuing at you?” Mm-hmm.
Like you get
what I’m saying? ‘Cause barbecuing is a whole
lifestyle, the fashion. Yeah.
There’s a fashion sense
with that shit. Yeah.
They only like tan colors and shit,
you know what I’m saying?
Only neutrals. Yeah.
Neutrals, maybe some white. Yeah.
Niggas barbecuing
in white and not getting
their shit dirty. That’s a nigga
trying to show off. Oh, yeah.
You know what I’m saying? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So what is, like, some hairstyles
from the past that — that wouldn’t
really work today? Ooh, you know what haircut
I hate right now? What?
There’s some niggas
from Dallas who are gonna
hate me for this.
I already know. Oh, my God.
You about to talk
about the — I was definitely about
to bring it up, too. I swear to God.
You fade all of this
right here, but you keep like that —
And, like, just keep
a big-ass — You keep an afro…
It’s just a ‘fro. …just on the lower half
of your — Just the lower part.
So it’s like the nigga mullet. Yeah. [ Both laugh ]


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