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Z57 | Real Estate Websites | Review| Pricing

Okay so here we are, we’re looking at Z57.
So my name is Robert Newman, I’m the founder of inbound real estate marketing
and I’m a ten-year veteran in the real estate online marketing business. You can
check out my about page if you want to look on my website
inboundREM. If you want to learn a little bit more about me. So Z57 is a kind of
a real estate IDX website and again just in case you’re just tuning in this
is a review for the top 20 makers of real estate websites. So if there’s
somebody out there making real estate websites that is somewhat
legitimate, I’m doing a video review along with a blog post on all of them. So
Z57 and Zurple made my list and they’re both owned by the same company. Now over
the last four years these companies have been bought by Constellation Software
Services then sold the Perseus. This guy Ryan Whitlock, he is the CEO of Z57
he was told to be the CEO of both Z57 and Zurple back in 2012
then he had to step down as Ryan Owen got tapped to actually be the CEO of
the company that he founded which was Zurple then Ryan Whitlock in the
acquisition once again became CEO of both companies and I find that to be a
little bit sad and here’s why. Z57 has one of the worst
reputations in the entire industry. Glassdoor 86 reviews they have
three-point stars makes them one of the worst reviewed companies to work for in
all of real estate tech. The better business reviews 19 reviews for
3.7 stars. My personal experience was Zurple which is now the same company or
owned by the same company as Z57. The sales person I spoke to and I didn’t
catch this so it’s my fault. I agreed to a six-month contract he sent me in
twelve and threatened us with legal option if we cancel
early. I could go on and on Z57 and Zurple have both demonstrated really poor
sales tactics, really customer service. Again all you have to
do to go is go to my blog and you’ll see real estate agents and brokers like
yourself who’ve come in without solicitation and left comments on my
blog about their results of Zurple which is now owned by the same
company Z57 and run by the same guy who runs Z57 for 20 years.
So whatever Ryan does or doesn’t do he obviously isn’t all that concerned about
customer service because he can see just as well as we can. So he got 23
votes on Activerain which is nothing but realtors leaving reviews for other
realtors and it’s one point two stars, making them one of the lowest rated
providers in the entire internet world. This is what a Z57 website looks like.
The cost of these ranges from $99 to $500 to set up plus the $99 a month.
The sales tactics used to be and probably still are highly high-pressure.
In other words stay on the phone if you don’t want the site I’ll drop the price.
I’m gonna keep trying to close you repeatedly just make an offer, you don’t
like the offer I’m gonna add some situational pressure to the offer
that says that you must buy now or the price is gone forever
so on and so forth. Anybody that’s ever been to any kind of high-pressure sales
environment understands exactly what kind of tactics might be used and if you
don’t go ahead and give those Z57 a call. You’ll find out soon enough. But
here’s the thing, so I say all that and then you’re like well why are they on
your top 20 list? and that is a really damn good question.
Here’s the thing, Z57 and Zurple both have a proprietary technology that you
will not find anywhere else in real estate or anything close to it. They’re
what’s called behavioral email marketing okay based on the activity of a
registered user with a website so somebody registers with your IDX your
information data exchange system which is managing the properties that are
delivered by the MLS and they see that you’ve looked at let’s call it six
properties. So they send an email that appears like it’s
coming from you, the realtor and says hey we’ve noticed that you’ve been looking
at these properties in the bedrock neighborhood of where? Denver. Do you have
any questions? It sounds like you logged into your IDX, watched what they were
doing and then emailed them and the reason that these guys keep staying in business is
that every once in a while. it’s pretty much the only marketing out there where it is
unbelievably like you can just let the system operate and eventually at some
point somebody’s gonna call you up ready to buy. That’s it, I’m ready to buy. I want
a house here at this price, show it to me and there’s no other marketing tools in
real estate that will do that. Now if you’re to ask me is the advantage worth
the pricing? I would say probably not. If you’re super experienced like me
and my clients decided not to take them to court or worry about the contract
because we are getting value out of our Zurple account. The reason we’re getting
value out of Zurple account is because I’m running it and I know how to
take advantage of this behavioral email marketing system and I’ve uploaded a ton
of old leads who we were doing nothing with and we’ve closed like four extra sales
out of them at this point. So if you have resources, you understand what you’re
doing and those four sales that’s like an extra 1.6 million dollars in total
gross revenue. So yes, Zurple gonna cost us $12,000 this year but we’ve already
realized our profit and I didn’t charge my client to run the Zurple account. So
that they’re not like there is no extra cost for me. So they’re coming out ahead
and they also feel pretty good about the fact that they have leads that they were
doing nothing with that turned into profit because these were leads that
they worked that didn’t respond then we used them. So if you know what you’re
doing, if you really know what you’re doing and you’re an experienced marketer or
you have somebody on your staff that you feel is an experienced marketer. You can
take advantage of these services and probably make money in a
way that you wouldn’t with almost any other product but you’re
gonna have to deal with a lot of headaches. My customer service experience
with Zurple has been atrocious. They it’s take, it took me like four separate
emails to get them to upload a list something they said they do in the very
beginning. I’ve had to place multiple calls to them, I’ve negotiated two
separate clients they’re extremely hard to work with and always will say. Hey you
signed a contract, so you know screw you we’ll take you to court if you
void your contract. So once you’re in, you’re either in or you’re gonna have a
really big headache getting out. So all these things are really iffy and my
opinion is, is that most likely this all is top down. I think that Ryan
Whitlock is probably some old school CEO type who just says it’s my way of the
highway and I don’t ultimately think he has a real decent
value for customers and I think that Z57 decreasing user base is an example of
that. So what is my ultimate review on Z57 themselves as a company. Well if you
don’t have a lot of money and you’ve got a little time on your hands and you’d
like to see what a behavioral email marketing system does and you’re sitting
on a list of contacts or something else. Z57 might be worth a call. All these
things fall into place and you understand walking in that there’s going
to be this hurdle and bad customer service and probably a high pressure
sales pitch. Unfortunately their technology is so good
that you still might want to use them. Very specifically like if you’ve got
five thousand leads you’re doing nothing with, like you know you’re not doing
anything with and you’re not likely to go out and learn email marketing and
you’re not gonna hire an email marketing expert to run a really solid email
marketing campaign for you. These guys are actually cheap in comparison to what
they do. I know that sounds confusing but like even at three hundred
eighty five dollars a month for Zurple. Like MailChimp and other
other email servers like that they become that pricey real quick. Plus you
have to have somebody to run your campaign. This is automated so
you upload your list and it runs the… recommendations about how I’m going to
use Zurple and Z57 both are very circumstantial and while I understand
very well this is gonna sound like a put-on. I do a one-hour consultation
you might want to use 30 minutes of my time if you have a real specific
question because the quality of your list, how old the leads are. Would
all cut because you’re obligating yourself to use Zurple for a year and their
platform the licensing fee is $385. That’s the minimum amount you can
spend. So it’s a $5,000 decision and that’s why I’m saying
it is very it is very specific. I have made that decision for my clients
it’s proven to be profitable even if we never made another penny we would have
profited and since they’re not paying for labor they’re
definitely coming out ahead and hopefully though we’re gonna come out
way more head maybe 10 sales off leads we weren’t using which is going to be an
extra somewhere in the neighborhood of about 4 million dollars in revenue. So
that’s not commissions obviously but revenue gross revenue but still even
with those numbers even at the brokerage is a very small percentage point
that was all a good decision. It’s rock solid, but you’d have to be sitting on
all the same assets to make that worthwhile. Anyway hope you found this
useful this was review about the Z57 which is a a real estate website
provider. You do not own Z57 websites by the way you are locked into them forever
in a contract that they are equally as aggressive about trying to maintain as
Zurple. All right, that’s it hope you got something from this leave me any
comments if you have any questions.


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