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Are you a real estate agent wanting to
start getting clients from your YouTube channel? Well that’s what we’re talking
about today and we are starting right now. Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel.
My name is Karin Carr and I’m a Realtor® in Savannah, Georgia with Keller Williams.
I am here today to talk to you about using YouTube. So many people on Facebook
are now messaging me, calling me, texting me, emailing me almost daily to ask me
about getting started using video that I thought I would make this video to
answer all of your questions. These are the top five questions that
everybody asks me all the time, so let’s go ahead and get started!
Number one is who does your editing and what are you using? Well the truth is I
am doing my own editing and I hope to be able to outsource that to somebody else
very soon but right now I’m doing it myself. I have a Mac and free with my Mac
was iMovie. iMovie is a great little program for beginners even all the way
up to people that are very experienced with editing movies. But it was free and
it does everything that I need it to do so I keep using iMovie. Number 2 is where
did you get your logo and your intro? I just ordered my logo off of Etsy and I
then sent the logo to somebody on Fiverr who made the animated intro for me. I
think the intro cost something like 25 or 30 dollars because I got an intro and
an outro so I can have one at the beginning and one at the end and I got
eight different choices of music so that I didn’t have to have the same music
playing behind the intro every single time. Number three is what equipment do
you use? I think you’ll be surprised. I really don’t use a whole lot of
equipment. I film on my iPad. Why my iPad? Because the screen is big and I can see
it easier. If you just want to record on your phone that’s great! The majority of
smartphones that were made within the last couple of years… the cameras are so
good there’s no reason not to use it. So use your smart phone or your tablet.
I do use an external microphone. You can use a $20 microphone that clips onto your lapel right here. The one I have
(I’ll actually put the link down below and none of these are affiliate links,
this is just what I have) it’s the Rode MicMe?
MobileMe? Something like that. I’ll put the link down below. I think was around
50 bucks and my husband gave it to me for Christmas. Thank you Chris! And it
just plugs right into the phone or the iPad on the the headphone jack. Then you
need some decent lighting. If you can record in a place that has lots of
natural light, awesome! Don’t have to buy any lights. Me, I bought a couple of these.
I don’t even know what they’re called. I call them umbrella lights. It’s
basically a tripod with a light bulb screwed in the top and an umbrella stuffed
in the front of it. And I have two of those, one on either side. Number four, and
this is a big one, everybody says, “But I hate being on camera and I hate the
sound of my own voice.” Well there’s a really simple way to get over that – make
videos. Seriously, if you make one video every six or eight weeks you’re
never going to get used to how you look on camera and how you sound on camera
because you’re not doing it frequently enough. You’ve got to do it regularly. If
you made a video once a week and you spent the time to edit it and you’re
playing it back and you’re seeing yourself and you’re hearing your voice,
within three weeks you’d be so over it it would never bother
you again because now it’s completely old hat and you’re used to it. So you
just got to start doing it. Number fivem and this is probably the most important
in my opinion, is why YouTube and why not other platforms? Here’s the deal – video is
important. I don’t care where you do it. But if you prefer Facebook because you
have a huge following on Facebook go for it. For me, I picked YouTube for one reason and one reason only and that is SEO –
search engine optimization. If somebody is on Facebook and they’re just
scrolling through their timeline and your video pops up, awesome! You probably
get a lot of views from that but were they searching for that information?
No, they just stumbled across it. If somebody is on YouTube and they see your
video they were searching for that information, right? Either they searched
for that keyword and you showed up in the search results, or in suggested results. Maybe they typed “how to buy your first house
and you made a video called how to buy your first home. Maybe your video would
not show up in the actual search results but it would show up in the suggested
searches on the sidebar. If you can be showing up when people are looking for
the information, that’s HUGE. So how well does this work? Well when I lived in
another market (I moved from Atlanta to Savannah) when I was making videos in
Atlanta I had no strategy, no rhyme or reason. I
made a video when I felt like it and I uploaded it when I had time. And I was
still getting people that said, “I’ve watched all your videos, I’m ready to buy
a house, will you help me?” (Instant replay) So
I thought, if people are calling me from my Youtube videos when I’m not really
even trying and I’m doing a real half-assed job, how much better would it be
if I actually had a strategy behind it?! So I decided in June of 2017 I was gonna
start making weekly videos and I put up a video every single week on YouTube. The
day that I post it I share it on Facebook on my personal page and on my
business page, I pin it on Pinterest, I share it on Google+, I share it on
Instagram, I share in a whole bunch of places the day that I post the video. And
then quite honestly I forget about it. This is all organic traffic, and these
are some of the results that I get. I get emails like this. “Hey, we found your
YouTube channel, we are thinking of moving to Savannah, can you help us?”
I get come list me phone calls. “Hey, we just found out we’re moving to Virginia,
we need to sell our house, can you come over and give us a listing presentation?”
And then when I get there I say, “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you. Who else are you
interviewing?” And they say, “Um… nobody. aAe we supposed to?” and I’m like, “Absolutely not! You’ve already called the best. You don’t need to interview anyone
else, honey.” So now you know why you should be doing YouTube videos. I am
seriously considering putting together a training video for other real estate
agents because I get asked this on a regular basis so I want to gauge the
interest level. If you would be interested in taking that class if I
were to teach it, it would be an online video course, would you be interested in
it? Click the link right up here if you want to be notified when that class is
available. Just put your name and email address on my list so that when I
release it I can email it out to everybody and let you know that it’s
there. Thank you so much for watching. As always, I am Karin Carr with Keller
Williams in Savannah and I always appreciate any referrals you want to
send my way. If you like this video and you are interested in doing more video
please subscribe to my channel. It doesn’t matter to me that you’re another
real estate agent. You are welcome to watch the videos that I do get some more
ideas and follow along with me on my journey as I am blowing up my business
with video. Thanks again for watching and I expect to start seeing some of your
videos too! (Bloopers) Do you like my new lamp over there? My husband made that. How cool is that?! You showed up… or is it on this side? On this side. Thanks for much for wa – what time is it? Am I supposed to pick up my son? But if
you prefer (trips over words.) I just had Brussels sprouts with sriracha for lunch. Gaah, so spicy! Are
you a real estate agent? Ok, I gotta stop taking a giant breath.


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