Younger (Season 6) Official Trailer | TV Land
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Younger (Season 6) Official Trailer | TV Land

I think I pretty much had
feelings for you for 16 years. What? Since you were 26
and now you’re 42. Oh.
Liza’s been through a lot. Everyone at work now knows
that I’m the assistant Charles was having
the affair with. It’s me. And from what I understand
so have you. It is time to let Millennial go. Well sometimes it makes two
people perfect for each other. Love you. And other times those two people
can drag each other down like anchors.
Cappuccino? I’m dying to hear how the regime
change is going at Millennial. You are the publisher now
so good luck. Do you remember
when I saved your company and then I made you publisher? How am I supposed to tell
the woman who gave me my job
that her book sucks? Guess who wrote a masterpiece? What’s happening? It will be our first release.
Come on. Guess who wrote a masterpiece? Oh hey. See, she knows it’s fun. It will be our first release. Kelsey, you look really
stressed out. Are you not getting laid? While I’m figuring out
my career, maybe we should stay friends. He wants to do you
but his dick won’t let him. It’s attached to his ego.
Men: so badly engineered. You know, I didn’t even know
I was pregnant. We don’t even know
if it’s Josh’s kid. This baby deserves to know
who his or her father is. What do you think I should do? Ha. What’d you guys decide to do
with Quinn’s book? You’re running my decisions
past Charles. Liza
and Charles won’t stay apart. They gotta work together.
It’s inevitable. When it comes to business,
you need to choose a side. Are you questioning my loyalty? I can’t just leave
Kelsey for you. I left my company to be
with you.

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  • Django Flores

    Why is this still airing on TV Land? It is one of the only ongoing series other than the Goldbergs currently airing on the channel as of March 20,2019. The rest of them are older programming from 2000's and before. I even mention this problem on my blog under the title, "Let's Make TV Fun Again" on where you can read more thoughts on TV Land and few of its original programming that formerly aired on the channel. I was hoping you could understand the problem and maybe help out on fixing it for the better. You could also share it with your friends and family to see if they are interested in reading through the blog and try to convince Viacom in some way to fix in the future since TV Land's original series are becoming a thing in the past nowadays.

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