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Younger Bloopers 😂 Scene & Heard (Mashup) | TV Land

– Oh, this should be fun.
– Take one. Where’s your–
oh, there’s your butt crack. – That’s my butt crack.
– Oh, I got it. [humming] Can I say weenus again
or are we cutting my weenus? It’s a big operation. Reinsert my weenus? OK. [laughing] Art… lovers. [laughing] [laughing] I um… I heard accounting
brought donut holes. [laughing] I’m sorry, I got really excited! – Merry Christmas.
– It’s perfect. [laughing] Oh, great! ♪ Wet dripping down my back ♪ I’m taller than you right now. – You sure you need these shoes on?
– Yeah, I do. – You’re man enough to handle it though.
– Yeah, I’m a man! It’s good that this is all on film. – Next time on Younger.
– Next time on Younger. Which way do my legs look skinnier,
like this or like this? – Like that.
– Thanks. A long as Sutton’s legs aren’t next
to mine, that’s really all I care about. [laughing] Graceful, graceful as ever. I’m here doing this, I dunno why. Eat– eat your mascara. I gotta do that all over again,
I don’t know what the fuck happened! – Eww!
– It’s good, I like it. Don’t look at me when you do it! – Cut!
– Cut! There’s something going
on between you two. I’m sorry, you’re making me laugh. You’re scaring me. [laughing] I feel like I did something really bad! [laughing] – Alright, we’re still rolling, reset.
– I’m sorry. – I’m looking directly into the camera.
– Is that bad? Oh, my God! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. Terrible! Towards me, ’cause you like me,
legs towards me. [laughing] Oh, shit. [clapping] [laughing] This is one of those pictures,
like actors can’t hold umbrellas! I’m gonna make sure to cross my eyes
real nice like that. [laughing] – Get the fuck outta here!
– Fuck you! – We’re gonna do that.
– OK. I’ll see you later. ♪ On me ♪ [screaming] We got this. What am I supposed to do?
I can’t do that, that looks silly. Do what you gotta do. That’s not comfy at all. Doesn’t that feel so great? [gargling] [screaming] [humming] I’m a little nervous. Yeah that’s because you refuse
to take adderall. I, however, am– am– I am– I am–
I am– I am– – Not OK.
– I am not OK. [humming] [roaring] – Let me try again.
– Yeah. That was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Wow! Who’s Iris? Ay, ay, ay, ay, ooh, gazooks! – Love show!
– Too much? [laughing] [alarm sounding] [laughing] Thanks, Miriam. – Jeez!
– Wondering. [laughing] [giggling] Oh… come back, come on. – Fuck!
– Come closer! Not that close!


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