Wyandotte Land Transfer

It’s a great day for the Wyandotte
people and it’s a great day for the Wyandotte nation. We’ve been looking forward to this weekend for quite some time. You know, culturally our mission is to preserve the future of our paths and so
this goes a long way in doing that. Today is preserving the future. For this occasion and the Methodists giving the land back to our tribe, we’ll forever be
indebted and forever be grateful to the United Methodist Church and Global Missions. It’s probably the first time we have so many Wyandottes
in this place in the last 200 years, since we left. And to see this and to be
able to create this moment of repentance, but also of a common joint future. And where we serve together, where we create more and deeper friendship between the people called Methodists and the Wyandotte, I think was the highlight for me. You know, as Indian people, as tribal people everything that we everything that we get we usually have to fight for and especially when it
comes to land, but this was not the case. I told them the history of our tribe and
the significance and the importance of the church and there they said, ‘Chief, we think it’s time that this land comes back to your people.’ Now from this holy
ground arises renewed friendship between the Wyandotte and the people called
Methodists. On behalf of the Methodist people and the Methodist mission, I return
to you and the Wyandotte people the land entrusted to us 176 years ago. May God continue to bless our friendship. May God continue to use us
so that together we may preserve the past so that we fight for a just, inclusive and joint future for all of us. May God bless us.

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