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Have you ever been traveling and you’ve seen a real-estate deal that makes sense but you don’t have the time or the partners to make it happen Well that’s what we do at Life Afar And this es an example Villa Del Peñón We finished it two months ago and already it’s generating passive rental income for the investors In this video I’m going to present you guys our next investment project by the end of the video I’m going to show you what it is and how you can get involved Roll the intro So here it is the building that will be
called Cali River Suites it’s five storeys 1004 square meters it’s 25 years old and has 23 hotel rooms inside but it needs a little bit of tender loving care So to give you some context about this investment I’d like to break this video into three parts The location The plan and the money Let’s start with the location the golden rule of real estate here in Cali very few people know the
city better than our partner Patrick Why are we here in Cali? We felt Cali was and still is a very underappreciated market it has some of the world’s cheapest real estate and it has tourism that’s growing on top of that the port of Buenaventura is out in the Pacific Coast just two hours away it brings in more than 60% of all imports into Colombia meaning that we have a big corporate rental market here as many of these multinational corporations have decided to have their hub here in Cali So all and all Cali is the place to be we think it’s one of the future destinations of Latin America to be honest So we’re here in Centenario Why are we in Centenario? So Centenario is convenient it’s a small little neighborhood but it’s close to all the fun cross the river you’re in El Peñón The premier hotel district where Dan Carlton Hotels, Intercontinental Hotel, Hampton by Hilton are located and has tons of fancy cocktail bars few restaurants, is like is part of the gastronomic district and two blocks over you have San Antonio which is the colonial district which is another one of the big draws here in Cali A lot of visitors learning salsa and Spanish in San Antonio
– Exactly And to the left here out in the Main Avenue you’re on the Boulevard where all the public workers from the financial district or the mayor’s office come down to have beers and socialize in late afternoon you hace the skaters, you have the punkers, the musicians it’s like a cool melting pot of different social groups I’d say And behind us we have Granada five minutes walk away which is like the premier nightlife more late-night more noisy, more rowdy mean like I said we’re in the heart of
the action but it’s more quiet here but we can walk to the fun We love properties in popular areas but we really love properties that are on the
edge of popular areas because you get a mix of both capital gains as well as convenience and comfort for the short-term visitors with is generating that cash flow after all So if you want to know more about Cali I did a video with Patrick walking around the city understanding what’s going on we’re gonna link that right here in the description So the location is ideal and the building is pretty unique although a little bit outdated and in order for us to maximize the rental potential of the building The Plan is to renovate these 23 hotel rooms into high-end apartments for the short-term rental market Now, how do we do that? well that’s the LifeAfar magic and our team of architects and designers can turn spaces like this into this and spaces like this into this I’m inside a two-bedroom unit in Villa del Peñón the building that I showed you earlier and this is a unit that we’re renting for $70 per night and we use that information along with occupancy rates and comparable hotels in the area to calculate the rental rates in Cali River Suites which are $40 to $70 per night let’s talk numbers investors in Cali River Suites can
expect a post-tax IRR of 13.8% and an average ROI of 9% and with this project we’ve launched the Keystone Investor Program which means early investors will also start seeing some of the returns earlier as well I’m gonna put a link in the description with will link directly to the investment package and that goes into a detailed itemized list of the
financials as well as a big overview of the Cali River Suites project. I’d also invite you to hear directly from a couple people that have already invested with us at LifeAfar I owned rentals back in Portland I’m retired I don’t want to do it anymore so Far filled that gap and they told me that I would probably be making 8 to 9% off of that apartment plus the apartment going up in price every year so far I’ve been getting about 10% back on that investment I like under promising and over delivering If you’re still not sure I invite you to
get to know us we’re engaging and transparent on social media you can follow along on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram as well as sign up for a newsletter at lifeafar.com It’s Cali’s time we’re seeing a 50% growth in visitors to Cali over the last 3 years. Everyone who comes here wants to come
back I know I want to spend more time here. It already has a strong corporate travel market with being the hub of Buenaventura, the largest port in Colombia, but it’s the nature, it’s the ecotourism, the Pacific Coast with the whale watching and the black sand and the beaches and it’s the culture t’s the salsa, it’s the sunshine Cali has a lot going for it and it’s quite obvious the direction it’s going, So I invite you guys to Cali to come out experience and understand for yourself what’s happening stay in one of our apartments, see what
we do, get to know us So you’ll see why Cali River Suites makes so much sense click the link in the description if you’d like to download the full investor kit it’ll have everything you need to know to start building wealth in a steady and stable way. So we’ll see you guys in the next video. you


  • Yoyi1017

    Hi Sam! Where I can get the information to rent the apartment. I am planning to go to Cartagena, Medellin, Cali and Bogota on March/2019. Thank you .

  • Moisés Fuentealba

    70dolares la noche, por 1 mes son? 2000 dolares.
    La alimentacion por un mes?
    Transporte por un mes?
    Que más asegura gasto por un mes? Diversion?
    Y que partida de presupuesto puedo contrastar tal demanda de gastos costos? Acciones de mantenimiento por un mes? Que trabajo ? Y sustentabilidad por cuanto subre 250dolares por 4 horas de trabajo diario? Como dimenciona que capasidsd de ganancias genera tal demanda de gastos?'.. explicame en la practica, veo y dan ganas de participar. Pero haciendolo donde vivo, he invitarte yo a ti aca.

  • Majo

    Hi San I am Colombian leaves in the States I told my husband about your company do you mind to let me know your email my husband and I are interesting on the investment.

  • Andy Zaturno

    I can offer myself to get married at get the Colombian citizenship to invest and buy real state proprieties (that are extremely cheap). Buying is easier if you are married to a local. Dm on Ig.

  • Jonatas R C

    Fiquei sabendo que você vai conhecer meu país o Brasil . Estou ansioso pelos seus vídeos no Brasil ! Cuidado para não se apaixonar pelo meu país e ficar em definitivo aqui !

  • diego alexander martinez zapata

    Hi Sam mi nombre es Diego Martínez y te sigo desde que andabas por Colombia en moto y curiosamente yo me dedico a lo mismo que tu en el negocio de apartamentos amoblados en la ciudad de Pereira actualmente administro 6 apartamentos. Me gustaría contactarme contigo y ver que oportunidad de negocios podríamos tener. Quedo atento a algún Comentsrio

  • Dan Corr AMG

    I am from Cali and currently live I. Indianapolis. I have been very interested in investing in something like this.

  • Eduardo Monsalve Ariza

    It's really impressive how you pronnounce words in spanish

    Not bad. This can be usefull but I live with my parents in Barrancabermeja, Santander

  • Angelica Villafane

    My boyfriend and I have been dying to invest in Colombia, and then I find your videos. Must be the universe telling me something. Maybe we will do business together one day. Great video!!!

  • Livselexir79

    ¿Necesitas un asistente virtual?nosotros te podemos ofrecer uno en buen precio, hasta 8 horas de trabajo (lunes a viernes). Un asistente virtual en español, es solo darle las instrucciones de como es tu método y proceso de trabajo. El precio del servicio es 200 euros al mes. Si estas interesado puedes contactarnos al correo eléctronico [email protected] y gustosamente te estaremos contactando en el transcurso de una semana. Bienvenido!

  • David R.

    Hola Sam, cómo estás? mira, tengo un apartamento en Medellín, por el sector Laureles-La Castellana, cerca a la iglesia de Santa Gema. Está en un lugar tranquilo, la idea es venderlo. Te puedo mandar un correo con la info. y las fotos? o no es tu área de negocio?

  • Natalia Prieto

    Interesting concept, but as a Colombian living afar who is interested in investing in real estate, I'd like to how the people from Cali benfit from having buildings bought by foreigners, with foreign investors, with earnings also going to foreigners, increasing real estate prices in a market that is already unobtainable for a large portion of the population.

  • Adriana Garcerá Garcés

    It looks very interesting! I´m from Cali but live in Germany and I think my city and the whole region has a lot of potentials and a great future!

  • Venilda Rojas

    Cali es tremenda ciudad,la sucursal del cielo la quieren opacar otras ciudades que tienen medios de television pero nunca podran superarnos.

  • Bruno Lustenberger

    I fully agree – Cali is just great. In general, tourism is growing fast all over Colombia (mainly european, and northamerican residents) – so you're providing what people like – great places to stay for a fair price!!!! Hope to see you soon anywhere in Colombia… (and Cali is close to the "eje cafetero" – the heart of coffee-cultivation)!!!

  • Amanda Radov

    I tried to invest with this company.  They made the process impossible.  Their agents were not helpful, did not answer questions correctly or at all, and at the end of the day I wasted a lot of time and money.  Do you believe they hype.

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