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Big things come in small packages SHUT UP! We are checking back in with Jack and Susan who just moved into their 16 Square foot tiny dream palace We’re so happy we downsize Now we can finally afford my dream lakeside wedding Yeah people say that living in a tiny house Could be a drag but they’re totally wrong With all the money that we’re Saving I can afford to get my fiance Susan romantic gifts all the time Jack is that a popcorn maker? What, no way Spoiler alert it is a popcorn maker When Susan and I went to Disneyland two years ago she just loved the popcorn so I know she’s gonna love this gift. It can make so much popcorn there’s so many uses for popcorn you can eat it you can make necklaces out of it you can eat it but this one barely has a kernel in it how much did you spend on this? Oh it was a Groupon so it was really cheap, a little over 500 with the wedding budget very tight Susan looks for other ways to save money I decided to start a compost pile because someone keeps spending the money that we’re supposed to be saving that way I won’t have to pay for garbage pickup anymore that’ll save us eight dollars a month or ninety six dollars a year I could make at least 25 bucks like this on eBay I thought I looked a little pump in my wedding soup so with all the money we saved I i bought some workout equipment a lot of people may say hey Jack why’d you just spend three thousand dollars on a treadmill that’s wasting money but what they don’t understand is that you had a great Groupon deal i got this protein powder for free all of it free Jack you got it all over my veil sorry baby jack has already lost one pound on the treadmill this week if he keeps that pace up he’ll be only 35 pounds by our two-year anniversary he’s actually kind of inspired me to work out with him feel the burn feel the burn things are going great for the bride and groom to be until Susan makes a troubling discovery Jack. Yes sweetheart? I just checked our bank account, and all of our wedding money is gone. What? Have you been spending the money? No, I mean I might have been a little bit here there now we can’t afford my dream wedding on the way despite all our ups and downs Jack really came through and give me the wedding of my dreams I now pronounce you man and wife and now to consummate the marriage oh yeah what do we put all these presants I don’t know just where ever you go find free space FIRE! I cant get out, because this tiny fucking door join us next time on tiny house hunters when Roger and Kim Klombottom move into a spacious microwave Hi guys thanks so much for subscribing click make sure you’re subscribed make sure you subscribe to smosh. Ya i already said that Jack click video on the left to watch bloopers from this video and this Wow yeah and click the video on the right to watch Smosh play hot tub truth or dare those boys are sexy. Lick the person to your rights foot and if you have one of the touchscreen devices you could like a phone or a TV if you have a. Jack we get it we get it click the link below I I need a divorce do you want some popcorn while you wait do you want butter or no butter butter for sure okay all right it’s a little cold


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