Working with Marianne Spraggins – Associate Broker at Mont Sky Real Estate
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Working with Marianne Spraggins – Associate Broker at Mont Sky Real Estate

I’m Marianne Camille Spraggins, I am an
associate real estate broker at Mont Sky Real Estate. I’m happy to say that I am one of the few natives born and raised in this fabulous city of New York.
I’m a lawyer licensed to practice in New York so I’ve been around real estate for
a very long time. I’ve spent most of my career on Wall Street in investment
banking and I’ve worked in private equity various areas of Finance. When I
came into the business I was a vice president and I moved up in various
iterations and I ended up as a managing director of the matter of fact the first
african-american female managing director in Wall Street. I sit on the
boards of Grow New York City which among other things operates all these fabulous
green markets that you see around New York and I also sit on the city campaign
finance board which provides matching funds for city elections. Because of my
finance background I just like doing deals it’s a creative part of it that I
like, I love creating value for my clients so I love finding properties
that need work and helping them through the process and creating something
beautiful. I am pretty good at hand-holding and often with the seller
that is a skill that you need sometimes you have to bring people together on the
same side of the transaction like ours but in life you might have different
ideas that I love the fact that every transaction is completely different
because every piece of property is completely different and every fact
pattern around a transaction it’s different so it’s never boring and it’s
always a challenge. I think you have to first and foremost be a good listener.
Competitive business and the hurly burly of it all but think good agents step back and
understand their clients and listen to them
and then act accordingly and helping them buy or sell I think that’s the most
important quality and the other is to know how to be a closer. Now I sit on the
board of the coop that I live in and so that gives me a lot of insight into the
issues that come up in the notorious co-op board situations in New York. You
know I’ve lived through declining perspective buyer the whole vetting process
and et cetera so I think I bring insight to my clients because I have
served in that role myself on the other side of the table. I’m Maryanne
Camille Spraggins, I love working in real estate, I like
working with buyers, I like working with sellers, helping people and new
construction properties and dealing with the issues that come up in those kind of
situations, I love brown stones that need lots of work I love finding hidden gems
I think that’s my talent I would say it’s finding hidden gems to turn into
treasures and get that great big huge smile I like my clients to end up at the
end of the day saying wow!

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