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[Music] Women’s Council of Realtors is
an organization that helps you find things within yourself
that you didn’t know you could do. Well of course our mission statement says
that we’re a network of professional women,
but truthfully, we are so much more. It’s about personal, as well as
professional, education, relations. Many of us are mothers, we’re entrepreneurs.
We wear a lot of hats, but the organization prepares us to do all of these things
and balance life, work. Women’s Council likes to take people
and inspire them to help inspire others. It’s really a one stop shop for
personal and professional growth. Women’s Council of Realtors
is a network of real estate professionals that are dedicated to supporting women
as industry leaders and as leaders in their community. We are a group of women who are empowering
each other in the business of real estate. [Music] Women’s Council of Realtors is a place
where real estate agents can network, they can meet new people,
and it’s a great way to build relationships. The opportunities are endless.
We teach public speaking,
we teaching meeting protocol. We are the number one referral network in the
national association of realtors family. We have almost 12,000 members nationwide
and that’s a great opportunity for me to tap into. It’s nice to have a personal connection with
somebody that you meet. And if you do have a client going to their side of the world, you know,
you can pick up the phone and, and
call and have that connection. That’s great. My biggest benefit is the relationships
that I have created and the person I’ve gotten to know
and that’s why I continue to be a member. If I ever have a question or a need, I can absolutely
reach out to anyone within our network and get the answer. I think the biggest benefit that I’ve received
out of Women’s Council is knowing that there’s
value within me and that I can get that value out to others. We really care about each other.
We care about what direction we’re taking ourselves and we encourage each other to find something
that rings true to who you are and
let us help you get there. [Music] Women’s Council is just so empowering.
It’s life changing for a lot of women, especially a lot of women that really
feel like they need to be connected with somebody. I was probably a little bit intimidated
because it was primarily women, however because
it was a supportive environment and it was not competitive, but very cooperative,
I felt very much at home. Women’s Council has helped me to be more outgoing
cause I was shy. Yeah, I’m very shy. I speak a lot in front of people and I know for a fact
that Women’s Council has helped me with that. If you want to take your full time career
to another level, if you’d like to start a team,
if you someday want to own your brokerage, all of these different skills that you would
need to do any of those things will develop
through being a member of Women’s Council. [Music] You know, I think membership in Women’s Council,
you get out of it what you invest. There’s just so many great things that have
come out of being a part of this organization. Women’s Council means so much to me, being part of
the Women’s Council leadership has made me stronger,
not in just my business, but personal life and for my kids. It’s great. It’s been a great experience. This group empowers women to go out there and
take on roles that maybe they’ve never taken on before. As a Women’s Council member it makes me feel proud.
It makes me feel like I can achieve anything. It feels great to be a part of such an
elite group of folks. You can’t get better. I don’t know. It just feels like family. Right.
It feels like you’re coming in to just a group of high energy
ladies that just want to learn and have some fun. There doesn’t come along very much in your life
an organization that will touch your heart like
the Women’s Council of Realtors does. And when we talk about that,
we don’t talk about it lightly. We truly are a family. We truly help each other
and we truly help each other grow and
become the best that we can be. The best and most beautiful things
in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They have to be felt with the heart.
And that’s Women’s Council. I am Women’s Council. I am Women’s Council of Realtors. Yo soy Women’s Council. I. I am. I am Women’s Council of Realtors. [Music]


  • Bob Nachman

    We have been waiting for years for a professional, organizational video featuring the actual members of of the Council. Now we have one! Great job by Jillian and the production company which created this wonderful showcase of who we are. And… terrific testimonials and comments by the members selected to participate in the video. I an honored and humbled, to have been one of the people chosen to participate, so thanks for allowing me to share.

  • Jeannie Anderson

    Great video! Who can say it better than our members. I would never be where I am in life if it were not for Women's Council of Realtors! Success is spelled "WCR"

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