Woman Blocks Black Man From Entering Loft FIRED! Racist Realtor STOPS HIM from entering apartment
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Woman Blocks Black Man From Entering Loft FIRED! Racist Realtor STOPS HIM from entering apartment

‘you’re blocking me into my building, it’s
my building as well, so can you just get out of my way. I live here and your blocking my way. I’ve already buzzed in’. ‘I’m not touching you at all, I’m not doing
anything other than letting my dog go to the bathroom. ‘You just walked off the street and don’t
have a keypad. You pushed your way in.’ ‘I don’t have to
tell you that information, what unit do you live in?’ are you kidding me? “I’m uncomfortable,” “OK, you can be uncomfortable. That’s your discretion. You’re uncomfortable because of you.” A woman in St. Louis, Missouri, has been fired
from her job after a video showed her blocking a
black man from entering his own apartment building, and then following him four floors
upstairs to his unit. In three videos posted to Facebook by D’Areion
Toles, the man who was followed, the woman is first seen blocking Toles’ entry into
the downtown building. When he asks her to “please move, ma’am,”
she demands to know if he is a resident. The uncomfortable exchange continues for several
minutes, with the woman asking Toles for his unit number and to see his key fob for the
building. The videos have been shared more than 134,000
times since they were posted online Saturday. The woman has since been identified as Hilary
Brooke Mueller, an employee at a St. Louis apartment management company that is not associated
with the building where the incident took place. Her estranged husband, Brandon Mueller, told
the New York Times he was shocked and disappointed to learn about the incident, and noted that
his father is black. On Monday, her former employer, Tribeca-STL,
said that she no longer works for the company. In a statement posted to its website, the
company called the video “disturbing” and said it did not happen at one of their
buildings. The encounter is just the latest of videos
that have gone viral of minorities being confronted for doing seemingly normal things.


  • atube4view


  • Darien Lenderson

    A strange man tries to come into your controlled access building as you exit. He did not use his key fob. You have no idea who he is. You have every right to stop his entrance and demand to know who he is. He could have went about that differently. She could have went about that differently. You do not push your way into a controlled access building when someone enters or exits, no matter what color you are. What if it turned out that he didn't live there? What if he found his way in there, hid in the corridors and later attacked, killed, raped or assaulted someone??? She had every right to question him. Was it smart for her to block him or follow him? No. And she was right to call the police and let them investigate it. He could have found or stolen someones wallet and or key but where is his key fob. He left his key fob or lost his key fob and now barges his way into the building as others enter and exit. This was not racism. Period.

    If it were me i would have explained to anyone Black or White that i left or lost my fob and been ok with them verifying that i live there because thats the appropriate thing to do. He was 100% wrong! Now that he understands why she did what she did he wants Black people to back off of her. Blacks need to learn that there are rules that need to be followed and order that needs to be understood. And being Black and pulling the race card does not entitle you to break the law or break the rules.

    He is stupid. He did as much damage to her as he did to himself. And he is so stupid he doesn't realize it. He could have showed her ID to show he lived there since he was using her exit of the building to enter the building. He is gonna eventually lose his job and he will have a hard time finding another. Why? Because his name will come up in searches alongside hers.

  • Mr. proc

    The real reason she followed him because she wanted some black dick. She didn't know how to express herself so she was acting crazy. All jokes aside this lady is ignorant

  • Darien Lenderson

    He also stated he was the only Black who lived on his floor. She never seen him. Its hardly any Blacks who live there. He did not have a fob to access the building. She had every right not to want to be responsible for having let him in the building.

  • Joe Ben

    Holy fuck. I know the women is a cunt but can we all take a second to recognize how well this gentlemen handled the situation. No screaming yelling or any sort of aggression. Just calmly got past her and completely made her look like a fucking idiot. Well played man… well played

  • Jennyfromdablock 17

    I've lived in Apts where someone tries to follow me in w/out a key. I've just said no. Close the door. & walked off so they had use their own key or call a resident to let them in. She was harassing. The right person would've beat her ass

  • Xtremely Bland

    He should have called the police on her and reported this to building managment immediately. Get her arrested and evicted from the apt..

  • Maria-teresa Inkila

    I don't live in US and picture of the country have changed last years.
    Can You even trust police there because they shoot innocent black people? I wouldn't like to live there anymore.
    This happening is showing how terrible people can be.

  • Peter Wuwei

    This video shows she is stalking and harassing him. If a Black man had done this to a White woman, you can bet the police would be breaking down his door asap. Maybe he should have a TRO issued on her, esp since they live in the same building.

  • Lip stick

    Woman Gone KUCKOO!!!
    Don't be this Woman!!! Hilary Mueller Fired!!!
    Don't be this Woman!!! Hilary Mueller Fired!!!
    Don't be this Woman!!! Hilary Mueller Fired!!!
    Don't be this Woman!!! Hilary Mueller Fired!!!
    Don't be this Woman!!! Hilary Mueller Fired!!!

  • Darien Lenderson

    She should sue him and her employer. She has grounds to sue him for defamation and if he recorded her indoors with intent to cause damages to her financially as well as her reputation. She needs to go after him and her employer each individually in court. This nonsense where people make false charges of racism in an attempt to defamate someones character and with intent to cause them reputational and financial harm has to stop.

  • Nphibious

    Racism at its most lowest level . She had no right to stop the man. He didn’t look like her so she assumed he was a threat and didn’t belong there. Being black is a curse and a blessing. We have the power to shape this world just on the presence of being around somewhere where persons feel we shouldn’t be.Filming these actions are the only way that black /brown brothers and sisters can show the world what we deal with on a daily basis. Very disgusting behavior. If the camera wasn’t present I feel situation would of played out totally different. Either my brother would of been arrested for some bogus charge or he would of been killed. The reality of situations that black persons go through aren’t a dream or exaggerated, but a reflection of how our country is still fueled by old racist practices. It’s a sad time to be an American where pets are treated more fairly then minority’s.

  • Jamie Valdez

    This is women is a racist and now cause of this video being all over the internet good luck to her getting a new job I hope the real building manager kicks her and her dog out bye Felicia

  • chris monks

    If he was a white guy nothing would be said.
    If it was the the other way around and the woman was being blocked from entering it would be sexist.
    Its just PC crap.

  • mrshastri

    Happens in Canada all the time. Our CEO called the police on me when I was dressed in my uniform with my ID tag clearly visible hanging from my neck.
    Another time our HR manager called the police on me.

  • Jermiester777

    What a self centred useless Bitch. I’m glad she was recorded and fired. Racist whore and that’s coming from a white guy

  • Twilight Zone

    I wonder if incidents like this help change peoples' mind about how good an idea #believeallwomen , #metoo and #screwdueprocess (just made that last one up) really are.

  • Darien Lenderson

    ATLANTA INFLUENCES EVERYTHING and he lied as she pointed out. Thats why she was in the doorway. She was in the doorway because she was in the process of walking out as he was pushing pass her to get in. First of all thats rude. He didnt have his fob on him. All he had to do was be more polite to anyone exiting. And explain that he left his key back in his apt or lost it. It happens all the time. At work. At apt buildings. But u know what people do when that happens. They have a polite conversation. They ask if they can be let in. He is rude and indignant. He is young and acts immature like a child. He thinks he doesn't have to explain shit to no one. Sorry. Wrong answer. You are asking someone to let you in a building and you are barging pass them cause you lost your key. You do need to identify yourself. I hope his landlord evicts him. Because in the lease it explains what you are to do when you misplace a key fob or lose one. There is a way to contact security and they will come and let you in (for a fee). If you lose your key, its a cost for a new one. So i get it. He doesn't want to pay. But his answer to his dilemma was to push his way in as this woman is exiting to walk her dog?? She didnt feel confortable letting him in and rightfully so. She doesnt know him. And he was being rude and nasty and recording her.

    I have walked people to their floor or desk who left their key fobs and verified that they worked in my building. I have walked people to their apartment as well. You dont just open the door and tell a strange unidentified man to go head in. He was entirely wrong here.

  • Day that Fallows

    She has every damn right to question the black guy…what is someone is trying to kidnap a child…She needs to sue the company that fired her and the guy needs to be removed from complex for not cooperating!! Period!..She did the right thing!!!!NEWS! LITTLE WHITE LADIE WITH A DOG VITIMIZE A BLACK MAN! Man, black people are the nicest people on earth, just every body hates them..Everyone hates to deal with them…Nothing more but another stuck up black person. If association will not remove the black guy she needs to sue the association also..period.

  • Robyn Silverman

    So glad he filmed that. Otherwise who would be believe this. It's so ridiculous it'd be hard to believe how extreme she was.

  • Shaun

    @Joseph Morris, You media outlet are useless. So you pointed the race of the man but you did not not point the race of the woman. That is why you all are fake news. I am done.

  • Carlos Maldonado

    This is idiotic how the media paints this always and people take the bait always. First of all, so quick to pull the race card. This woman clearly stated in the video that she didn’t see him buzz in and he admitted, this video should be “woman blocks man” but always adding the race, I bet this woman would have done the same regardless of race. Basically now media and society is telling people to treat African Americans different. The woman never mentioned race. Even asked the guy if he had a key like hers.


    Now, this man is truly lucky. He managed to stay calm under pressure and he recorded her harassment. A complete stranger walks up to you and blocks you from getting into YOUR home. It didn't stop when he had a key and it didn't stop when he entered his home – she still called the cops. Something in her racist brain didn't want to believe he lived in the building. Now, if someone does something like this to me…I would want to punch their lights out. If this black man had done it, he would have been beaten, arrested and thrown in jail if he survived…And white folks wonder where black anger and rage comes from…and with African-American blood pressures run high. It's daily encounters like this that piss us off.

  • Jim Parallel

    I remember fishing in my own neighborhood and some old biddy I didn't know driving up to me as I was leaving the park and telling me there better not be any homes broken into because she got my license plate #. Thank goodness I wasn't black or it might have been racial profiling.

  • THE REAL Queen Qiana

    She wants to F**! Her Ex is black… she likes black men and wanted to know who he was for the purpose of eventually letting him bust that s** open! FACTZ!!!

  • T h

    I'm black 49 years old and I was in the spot where the lady is at…this was at my child's School, I was going out as someone was coming in I never seen the person on the outside of the door before so I stopped and let them use the keypad to get in then I walked out…this lady in this video should have done the same.

  • Chevy Nation19

    Her story doesnt add up,she says he didnt have a key fob, but yet he had keys to his room,2nd she says she following the rules the apartment said about letting unknown ppl in,but yet they fired her, why would they fire her if she was doing what they said? She's just trying cover her tracks,but video doesnt lie

  • Josh Walker

    She was doing her job.. all he had to do was show the key fob and it would have been over. Clear case of wanting to be a victim.

  • Burak atlel

    I would file suit against the company that fired you for doing your job. By his non response he is trying to play the victom the company that fired you got scared and acted prematurely, to avoid what they thought would be public prosecution. In his contract he signed to live there I am certain there is a rule that says he must provide proof to show he lives there when asked, or produce his card to enter a security door that is already open by someone else. Sorry but you are the victim of someone that is prejudice. They simply were waiting for a way to stir up some trash. Now they will also soon be suing that hotel for a big load of cash. Yeah the guy that caused all of this trouble will make out like a bandit, why? because people are dumb and contradict themselves in this USA. So he will get a boat load of cash from the hotel. When In fact you have a sound case against the company that fired you for there actions against you, when you are simply following your tenant rules by not letting someone in the apartment complex you do not know. You were fired for doing the job the right way. He was a bad tenant and broke rules for not complying when asked for proof. Easy for me to see. Why do folks not understand what he is doing. Hope you figure it out before he gets your money. Unless of course the hotel has already reprimanded him for not following his lease. Take note, next time just shut secure door if you don't know the person, if they have the key then let them open it themselves. And this goes out to all the idiots that don't know what a secure lobby is, the door can only be open by a key to the people that live there also states you are not allowed to let anyone in that you do not know, Chew on that and please take your company to court that fired you please, lesson needs to hurt oh yes!!!

  • Rickertsred

    If he had just gone New York on her, this would have much shorter. "I live in the building bitch, now get da f*ck out of my way."

  • lane bellamy

    This dumb cunt has lived a sheltered life. If she keeps this sort of shit up, she's liable to end up seriously injured or dead.

  • odinmage

    Boots over spandex girl with frumpy fur vest went a bit further for her second bite of chocolate.

    Live in the gutter bitch!

  • Eddy One

    Am black and am not sure if this has anything to do with race. From the video, she does not seem to be scared of the black dude. I think she is very confrontational. I had a similar encounter here in the Netherlands and ended up sleeping with the young lady but I handled the situation differently. I may be wrong about this one. America is quite different from the Netherlands.

  • R Lorenzo

    It's white people like this bitch who are aiding and abetting the tarnished image they have in this country right now. Calling the police and assuming someone doesn't live in her luxury building because he's black? Really? If he was white, she wouldn't be making these assumptions. As an advanced nation, we're heading back to the 60's because of racist bitches like her. At this point, all minorities need to get armed and fight back against white ignorance and Nazism.

  • KingxDillon

    Where is the original video? I'm tired of these dumbfucks all talking over it, I've heard the story already, shut the fuck up and let me watch the whole video

  • Caroline 972

    If you want to enter your building you use your own entry device. If you've forgotten it, you play nice and let your neighbor know your name/floor/unit, whatever. He was wrong here, 100%.

  • Terry Knight

    First and foremost, he's a male, she's a female. Second, he's black, she's white. That being said, CAN YOU IMAGINE the repercussions and the backlash that the black man would get if the roles were reversed, CAN YOU IMAGINE?!!! Plus if the roles were reversed she would cry reverse racism, sexism, and sexual harassment. Just saying.

  • Tylenol PM

    Shes lucky dude was conceal and carry, he couldve legally put one between her eyes and say he felt threatened

  • Chris Culler

    First off, the woman is/was married to a black guy. Second, if you know where they live its a high crime area in the downtown area where residents have been robbed and mugged. Thirdly, the chick obviously was buzzing hard and took on a condo commando job while intoxicated. Lastly, she wanted that BD very badly. Look at the way ahe was hanging by his door at the end. She had some some serious jungle fever going on. She just went about all wrong…lol

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