WIX Real Estate Site IDX Broker Setup
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WIX Real Estate Site IDX Broker Setup

Today I just wanted to show Katies
website this is a WIX website and she wanted us to do IDX broker set up and
if you know WIX you know that it comes with a lot of limitations when it comes
to adding custom code and editing the code so we did some workarounds to be
able to load these IDX Broker widgets and we were able to do that as
if they are part of the website. So as you can see this is an IDXBroker Widget and this is also an IDX Broker widget and they work just like the would
on a different website like WordPress where we have more freedom to edit
the code. we were able to do that inside WIX so when you were on your
dashboard you can move around everything according to your needs and design
choices. So this is the quick search widget and this is the slide show widget
we also added a page for featured listings. This is also an IDX Broker widget. It loads normally here and this is the idx broker side. We did
this wrapper and it loads pretty well just like it’s part of her website and
and this is the property details everything loads normally, functions
properly, and looks pretty well just like it’s part of WIX and it’s really easy to edit too. I also wanted to show real quick under
the WIX editor. The Wix editor is really great everything is
drag-and-drop and you can add a bunch of elements from here. When we did the set
up we made it so you can easily move around
everything so if Katie decides to edit her site and move around these elements
she can as if it were a simple Wix element. As you can see I can switch
everything, I can choose a different page, and it’s going to load like a little
module like a little WIX module. The only downside of doing this WIX setup
is that it’s really difficult to adjust to mobile and they will load within
scroll bars so the responsiveness of the site is a little compromised when you
decide to use WIX. Other than that, it loads very well on desktops and large

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