Why work with me as your Realtor® in Chicago, IL?
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Why work with me as your Realtor® in Chicago, IL?

Why work with me? The short answer, I’ve been
in your shoes. Hi, I am Traivor Morrison for 606 Living and Compass Real Estate here in
Chicago, Illinois. I am an experienced real estate investor and homeowner. From my experiences
with these transactions, I saw an opportunity to improve the process for you. So I decided
to join the real estate industry full-time. My background is in professional and financial
services, so I know firsthand how to deliver exceptional client service. Allow me to make
the process easier for you while elevating your client service experience and connecting
you to better. Better technology. Better marketing. Better research. Better results. If you are
ready to have your client service experience elevated, I’d be grateful to learn more about
your situation. If you are thinking of buying, selling, or leasing your current or future
home, let’s talk.


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