Why use a realtor?
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Why use a realtor?

Why use a realtor when buying a new
construction home? Wouldn’t the Builder give me a better deal if I went without a
realtor? After all I’d save some money wouldn’t I?
Well that’s our topic for today so let’s get started! Hi I’m Alfredo with
Houston Katy Homes Group. I’m a realtor here in Houston and Katy area
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So our topic for today is why use a realtor to buy a new construction home. After all when you arrive at these locations and you go to view the model
homes there’s helpful sales staff there and
they can carry you through the whole process, but what you need to remember is
that this is an employee of the Builder and they’re there to represent the
builders interest. The Builder has inventory and they’re going to try to move
that inventory. Now that’s different from a realtor. A realtor has a fiduciary
responsibility to take care of your interests, they have a legal obligation
that means that when they enter into a negotiation they’re there to stand with
you and to fight your side. So the sales agent that you’re going to meet represents
the Builder and they are there to, as I said move that inventory. Now some of
those Lots may not be as desirable, but they need to get sold. What are some of
the issues that can come up? Well for example, a lot may have a very large
easement or it may have a telephone pole right in the property, it could have a
large transformer box that’s sitting on your property in your back garden, maybe
the property itself, the lot is a little odd shaped, or there could be
incentives that are on offer that you need to make sure that they remain on
offer for you and they are not taken away at the last minute, it could be
appliances for example, could be money towards your closing cost, could be other
upgrades that are standardized such as believe it or not, the grass in
your back lawn, fence around your property, all of these things could
either be standard or they could be additions that you have to pay for after
you’ve received the original sale price. So having your realtor there to make
sure that everything’s clear and that you get to see premium Lots and get the
best possible deal is very important. The cost of your home will not go down if
you choose not to use a realtor. All you’re accomplishing in not using a
realtor is to deny yourself good representation. Because 80% of the
homes sold at these new construction sites are sold with the aid of a realtor
the building company has already factored into the pricing of the home
any fees and commissions that are related to the sale of the home. So
you’re not going to see this benefit. All that happens is that you’ll lose
representation so you need to make sure that before you go and visit these
builders that you speak to your realtor and in most cases, and in fact I would
recommend that in every case you bring your realtor along. They have a rule – if
your realtor doesn’t show up on the first visit they cannot represent you
during the sale. So make sure you don’t deny yourself good representation, you
will not save money and you will only deny yourself this valuable asset
in trying to secure the best possible deal and arrangement for you when it
comes to buying a new construction home. After the close of sale you might think
that your realtor goes their way and you go yours, but actually you enter a period
known as the warranty period with the Builder and here is where your realtor
can be a real advocate for you. So during this next year, for any issues that come
up in the house, any building defects, any blemishes, any issues that were
overlooked, you can call the builder and the warranty will take care of having
that problem dealt with. Now many people experience a lot of frustration in this
particular area, you know they experience long delays, they feel
ignored, they feel that they just can’t get the
response that they’d like to get. Of course the Builder has sold many many
homes and there’s many thousand people on their rosters, so you kind of just you
fall into this hole and you might even fall through the cracks, and they just
won’t respond the way you’d like them to respond. But your realtor will come in,
will communicate with the staff, will communicate with the support staff and
get them to respond. Now realtors represents eighty percent of the sales
at new construction sites, so the Builder has an interest in maintaining a good
working relationship with the realtor, this is why they’re going to respond to
your Realtor when he comes in and asks ‘hey what’s going on with my clients
situation, he needs this taken care of right away, and they will begin
to take care of this matter in a timely manner and this is where a realtor
really becomes an asset to you, to take care of your situation, give you peace
of mind and make sure that whatever might come up at the last minute during
that first year can be properly taken care of. If you found this topic helpful
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I’m Alfredo with Houston Katy Homes Group and I look forward to hearing from
you and helping you realize that dream. Till next time, all the best!


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