Why Owning The Home You Live in is a Terrible Investment
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Why Owning The Home You Live in is a Terrible Investment


  • Iain Durk

    We sold our primary home back in May and cashed out of the market! We are now renting, even though we own 2 rentals in other markets. Huge bubble up here in the Toronto area, that's why we are seriously considering investing in the US and other markets now

  • Corkfish1

    Depends a lot on where you live. Here in CT buying a house to live in is a horrible idea. I know someone who bought their house in 2006 for $490K. He sold it last year for $350K. That is not unusual here either. Good investment??

  • Carlton Fist

    My wife decided that we buy our own house im fine with it because my focus is to buy multiple rental properties to pay for our new home im all for the challenge lets goooo

  • Linux Overdose

    Or you save to pay the house free and clear. $0 mortgage payment and only invest a little over $40,000 and it's not even a dump. I'm 56 and my first home. That way I don't need to work hard, cut my workload because no rent or mortgage payment. And my property tax is only $251 a year. I don't think I did wrong at all.

  • dimiter tzolov

    Hello, thank you for this video.
    I understand the argument, but there is something I don't understand:
    If you're renting a house, you pay the rent. It's money you just give away. Isn't it better to pay the same amount of money to pay off a credit and at the end own the property?

  • adele coll

    I own my house outright and get lines of credit on it to purchase rental home. My current rate of interest on the loan is 0.9% for one year.

  • Gamer Guru

    Nearly every single homeowner that I know who lives in the home they own was stressed out, anxious, and willing to do anything underhanded to get the money they needed to buy "their home" from the bank that loaned them the money.

  • Paul Rice

    But yes my dear Sir’s my home 🏡 has gained me considerably wealth over and above putting it in the bank 🏦,
    My one hundred thousand dollar 💵 house 🏡 has paid me $700 thousand dollars 💵 in return as when it sold so if that is not an investment please do tell.

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