Why I Used The Best Ogden Realtor as a First Time Home Buyer (Real Estate)
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Why I Used The Best Ogden Realtor as a First Time Home Buyer (Real Estate)

Okay, well Justin we just finished signing
all the document on the purchase of your new home. How do you feel? Very happy, and very excited, I thought the
process was pretty easy. You know once we picked out the house and started going we
had it done really quick. That was the best part, you know, getting that out of the way
and being able to move on to my live, you know, move into the house and make it my own.
The process was great, you know, I felt that sometimes I was picky at what I wanted, you
know, there was a lot of different things that I wanted in a home and we were able to
find all of them. I am really happy about that. Every time I think about the house I
get a smile on my face. You did a great job. You know you are going to be the first name
that pops up because; you were very patient with me, you know, you were always there giving
me updates, letting me know what was going on, following up on homes, you know. It made
the process a lot easier, and as a first time home buyer you go in not knowing a lot and
so working with somebody who is patient with you, kind of lets you understand there are
going to be bumps in the road and works with you like that. It’s been great. I learned a lot through you. I learned a lot
through the lender. It’s been interesting; you grow up learning about, hearing about
people having hard times with their houses, hard times with their loans, or the search.
When you get there and you find out its easy, it’s pretty great. A lot about the process
you don’t understand, and there are a lot of things that you have been able to help
me with. I know, you know, the amount of documentation I get sent I just stare at it like ohm, you
know, what is this so… It helped with that. Well good, well thank-you, and congratulations
on your new home.

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