Why eXp Is The Best Real Estate Broker To Work For
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Why eXp Is The Best Real Estate Broker To Work For

I was asked to tell you why I chose eXp
do not listen to your manager or your franchise owner or regional director of
Coldwell Banker, Remax, Keller Williams Realty One, Home Smart, Sotheby’s
Christie’s, whatever franchise Berkshire Hathaway you’re out of they’re not going
to go let me tell you all the great things about eXp. You either want to be
Blockbuster or you want to be Netflix. I saw this looked at it and said if this
is real it’s gonna change the real estate world. I saw the fact that there’s
people that care about each other regardless of where they are. The
collaboration is great, the leads are great, revenue share is amazing. I didn’t
have to build my brokerage just in my town in the surrounding towns I could
build a national brokerage by just being just one person. The last four months
since I’ve joined the eXp, I’ve done three times the amount of business that I did
in the entire 12-month period prior to this. 100% of the debt that I was
struggling with paying I would have paid to myself had I had already been at this
brokerage. Ten months I’ve already accumulated $41,000
worth of eXp stock. Today I have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands
worth of stock that I can sell. I’m really glad I didn’t listen to credible people
who truly cared about me they really did and they were sincere but here listen to
me they were sincerely wrong…

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