Why are so many people moving to Dallas Texas?
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Why are so many people moving to Dallas Texas?

by the end of this video you’ll know the
top eight reasons why so many people are moving to Dallas Texas let’s go. Everyone
I’m AK with The AK Realty Group JP & Associates Realtors and welcome back
to my channel we’re gonna solve a fun mystery today why are so many people
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videos now can you guess how many people move to Dallas
every single day Austin has 105 people flocking in daily 147 people added to
Atlanta every day 174 moved to Phoenix every day but Dallas has 246 people
moving in every single day Dallas has tons more to offer than
finding a satisfying career or a happy retirement here are eight reasons why
people are moving to Dallas every day one jobs and Dallas have grown 3.3
percent every year Dallas is also home of 22 of America’s
500 largest companies Toyota Texas Instruments FedEx Liberty Mutual Exxon
Mobil McKesson Dr Pepper Snapple Group Tennant Healthcare Southwest Airlines
and American Airlines are just a few of the large companies which call Dallas
home Dallas and Fort Worth also are best places to start off a career sitting in
in the top quarter out of 182 cities looking at professional opportunities
and quality of life this includes highest monthly average starting
salaries in the nation number two no state income tax this allows you to keep
majority of your paycheck and save much more of your money not having to pay
state income tax in Texas also benefits individuals of all income classes for
example during tax season residents of Texas are able to pocket their
hard-earned money and save for retirement vacations school tuition etc
local and property taxes are collected to fund local and state projects to
strengthen the city initiatives like better roads and freeways number three
professional sports got the Texas Motor Speedway major league baseball
basketball soccer hockey and football everything from the major leagues to
smaller leagues there’s something for everyone to follow for great for
frequent travelers Southwest and American Airlines have their hubs in
Dallas to make traveling very easy and many popular cities like Oklahoma City
Austin and Houston are just four hours or less in driving time away five the
arts are popping Dallas also has a nation’s largest urban arts district
encompassing 19 blocks of museums venues and galleries Dallas is ranked number 5
in best art scenes in the country just behind Washington DC San Francisco Santa
Fe and New York and is even an international icon for this reason if
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outdoor activities many hiking trails and lakes all over Dallas for boating
kayaking fishing barbecue and overall exploring home of 13 lakes around DFW
lots to do to enjoy the weather which is another reason people move to Dallas as
a summer is hot but the yearly average is a beautiful 76 degrees and blizzards
are basically non-existent in Dallas 7 affordability and quality of life as
one of the top 25 most affordable cities to live in no wonder so many people want
to move here this sets up people to buy a home and even build their dream home
here 8 education dallas-fort worth encompasses 355 public
elementary middle and high schools Dallas Fort Worth also has four hundred
and one two private schools sixty-nine high schools are recognized
on US News and World Report’s best high schools rankings Dallas Fort Worth is
also home to 18 colleges and universities four of which have earned
places on US News and World Report’s best colleges rankings with SMU at
number 59 in the nation with all of that going on and more no wonder so many
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