Who’s The Boss – The Homeowner or Realtor? Home Selling Tip

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay
Realtor Lance Mohr and I’m going to do a little bit of an unusual video today
because I really want you as home sellers or future home sellers to think
about this question. Who’s really the boss the homeowner or the realtor I’m
going to go over that in the short video okay so I know this is a bit of a
question you know who’s the boss the realtor or the homeowner I mean look
right off the bat of course it’s the homeowner it’s their home but the reason
why I asked this question is because is real estate agents when we go into
people’s homes to list we all know the questions that are coming at us in the
number one question in every single solitary seller what house is what do
you think my homes worth what do you think it will sell for and a lot of
agents will go out there and they know they stopped in this answer that the
homeowner may hire them based off of this so what they’ll do is they’ll just
over inflate the price because the homeowners a lot of homeowners I should
say and I know this is tough to hear I’ve just been in the business for so
long and I talked to homeowners I’ve talked to real estate agents and they’ll
say I picked the agent because they thought it was worth this and I talked
to realtor’s and they say hey if I basically just over inflate it or give
them a little higher price they’ll pick me as a real estate agent and I’ll get
the listening so you know that does go on so I say who’s really the boss yahoos
who’s out there making the decision certainly it’s the homeowner you’re the
owner you’re the boss you’re the decision-maker at the end of the day
you’re the one to turn me in the price of the home not the real estate agent so
don’t pay attention to what the real estate agents say in the price take it
with a grain of salt you want an agent that’s going to help educate you to show
you how the process works to show you the comparables to explain things to you
then at the end of the day you’re gonna put the price on the home there’s a
video I did a while back and I’ll put it up above its wider Realtors take over
price Steam’s so anyhow you could check that
out but you need to hire the agent and you need to look for an agent based off
of their marketing and their negotiation not what they tell you your home’s worth
because anybody could go out there and say oh yeah it’s a 350 thousand dollar
home and then say oh yeah it’s worth about four hundred thousand I would list
it for four hundred thousand we’ll keep it on the market a little bit then we’ll
drop it look I don’t agree with this tactic at all when someone asked me what
their home’s going to sell for I’ll tell them
I mean it be honest with them I know I may not get the listing I don’t know
they may not like it but at least you’re gonna hear what you need to hear not
what you want to hear but not everybody’s like that out there and I
understand I’m not knocking the real estate agents they do what they do
sellers do what they do etc but I wanted to give it to you straight in sort of an
unusual video if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to reach out if
you’re in the Tampa area looking for a good aggressive agent to sell your home
I’d love to interview for the job and if you know anybody looking at buying a
home or selling a home share my videos with them they may get some use out of
them as well I hope this helps you thank you for watching my videos have a
wonderful day you

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