Wholesaling Real Estate | You Don’t Need A VA
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Wholesaling Real Estate | You Don’t Need A VA


  • James Siller

    I’m looking to hire someone to put out my bandit signs, With work, I simply don’t have the time. How did you go about hiring someone for your signs?

  • Investor Springs

    Great video on why it’s important to be an expert in your craft before having someone else just do work that one would be to lazy or uncomfortable doing themselves. Doing the same thing gets same results, different things will bring different results.

  • Dwilliams

    Always giving away gold nuggets.. short video but information filled from start to end… love it Max… keep them coming!!!!

  • arcangel3579

    Excellent video Max!

    I am hiring my first VA. Before adding my job posting I had a list of functions that I was currently doing that we’re not value added to money producing activities but still had to be done. Then I made a training documents procedures, procedural videos for all of those tasks. On top of all that I had a list of things I wanted them to do and in order of training that was most important to the business so I prioritize the training. These are good activities to do when hiring an assistant to help better the business.
    There may be a case where you can use a VA to develop goals training documents and also develop better processes for those task however, if you have not done any of the task order or do not know what those types of tasks look like and how they should be performed. ( for the seasoned business owners)

    You can’t expect order to come from chaos.

    Thanks again Max! Always dropping those Gems!

    -F. O. C. U. S.

  • Raymond Hunter

    Im getting some of those things too! Great topic, I think everyone just wants someone to do the work for them in hopes of not having to do it themselves. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work!

  • Livia Vest

    Thanks for the helpful content. Curious to know your thoughts on hiring a VA to make cold calls if you work full time and are trying to wholesale part time? It’s hard to keep the lead pipeline full if you work 40+ hours/ week. Thanks!

  • Florida Cash Real Estate

    We are outsourcing our excel scrubbing, Craiglist posting, etc. Things that need done that I can't do after my day job. After my day job I need to focus on income producing tasks not excel.

  • Michael McClendon

    Know I’m supposed to be putting the task, but I just wanna say thank you for for the content and always dropping knowledge man. Much appreciated

  • Jj

    I can totally relate Max, I’ve been scrubbing through tax delinquent list to make sure I’m targeting the right people and boy o boy is this time consuming as well as a learning curve dealing with excel. But I’m doing it all myself until I get my first few deals then I will outsource this task so I’m able to put my time and energy into more income producing task as you mentioned. Thanks for all of content your sharing. Keep it coming.

  • wifeyntraining

    I work two jobs and I actually cold call for one of them. By the time I get home it's just not enough time. I want a VA call and schedule appointments, keep detailed notes and update excel sheet. ( I created scripts)

    My partner and I will answer the calls from bandit signs, follow up from VA leads and appointments. We will also hire someone to hang our bandit signs.

  • Warrior Real Estate Solutions

    Thanks for the video Max. Im an experienced cold caller. I came from the financial sector where I made a ton of calls. So I feel confident I can train someone. I will heed your advice and hold off on hiring a caller until I get some deals under my belt. I dont mind calling at all. I do think hiring an admin does make sense for me. A lot of time is taken by list scrubbing and putting into excel form. Especially info I get from the county that I take pictures of with my phone. It does take away from me getting on the phone. Great video. I appreciate you!!! Looking fwd to October!

  • Akie

    This is gold! I remember you saying this about 6 months ago and I had already hired a VA to do calls when I was proficient at it myself. Then I had to let that one go and go hard at it for 2 months to really master scripts, objections etc to be really be able to help my VA know what they were doing and how to do cold calls properly and since then the return has been crazy! I really wasnt that bad at first but I really had to get to a level that was noteworthy. I really need to start outsourcing more of my admin tasks but I can never get people to do it the way I would want to.. Can't wait for October though!!

  • dexter donnell

    Lot of these investors want the easy way out. This is a business If you're working 40-50 hours a week you need to ad another 20 to 25 to your week, or more. There is no make money quick deal max has some really good stuff but he worked in order to get it to where it is now. This isnt a over night deal.

  • S Jinvestors2

    Hey max what about podio should you hire someone for that if you don't know how to do it.. all I know is how to get on the phone 📱 and call sellers

  • Terrell Williams

    Of course Im subscribed and get instant notifications! Learning and growing while putting things in motion.

  • It's Tabaitha

    How do I become a VA? I’m looking for some part time work being that I work overnight and have some free time during the week & weekends. I’m in southern Maryland.

  • ChrisMonroeSTL

    Great video Max. People needed to hear the real break down. Is onlinejobs.ph better than Upwork or are they about the same??

  • Vo Pat

    Quick question max…who do I talk to put houses under Contracts ? and I'm having trouble finding people phone numbers?

  • Vickie Woodard

    “You do not need to hire a VA……You can not train chaos” LOL. You are so right. You need to be know what you need and you need to know how to train them to do what you want. Get your SOP’s ( Standard operating procedures) together first. Develop checklists from the many task that you have to do in your business.

  • MsMiscelaneous

    Thanks this was helpful because i was starting to loose hope but you’re right better i make these calls. Follow up questions- how many calls did you make before getting your first deal.. I heard the ratio is 1 deal for every hundred calls… lastly would you mind pointing me to the video you made about how to get bandit signs posted.. dont know why i get so nervous about putting up those signs

  • Christal Allen

    These are good tips! As a real estate TC/VA it is refreshing when someone understands their business enough to tell you exactly what they need.

  • Gerald Smith

    Hell Max thanks for the recommendation of onlinejobs.ph. I just went thru my first round of hiring a VA. Do you still pay your VA thru that website or have you started paying her thru another platform? If so, which one? Once again, thanks for all of the value you add.

  • Lil TaRus

    Got really good at pulling n learning probates outsourced it to help around me. I come in with calls ready to hope on the phone. Dnt wanna out source the calling YET it gives a little bit of a rush so I'll hold on to that for now ha. Va when I'm ready maybe im 3 to 4 mnts. Wanna be flawless at each section of my company first. Thx for the gems homie.

  • Cachino Lewis

    Hey max how are you So I am looking to hire a VA to make my phone inbound/outbound because I have a strutting problem and I have lose a lot of money because of this. I know how to train and teach the VA on what to say, how to fight objections , qualify, and set appointments. I feel comfortable once I get in to the property and my speech is not bad with face to face convo , its just the first phone call that gets me. Not so much of an inbound call, but most definitely the outbound. I feel having a VA will set me up for Success, I just want to know what you think?

  • Darren Talcott

    I'd like to build a team but I'm going to have to build and document my procedures, processes, scripts and training materials based on hundreds of calls I have personally done before I can expect someone else to be successful.

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