Wholesaling Real Estate with delinquent taxes
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Wholesaling Real Estate with delinquent taxes

– Hey, what’s up guys? Sorry for the messy office here. We’re getting things done
in our brand new office, but you know yesterday I did a Live and I got this repeated
question over and over again. And I get it on Instagram and I get it on, you know, Facebook, my Facebook group Wholesaling Houses Elite. I just wanted to address it one time. So here’s we go, the question mainly is can I wholesale a house
that has a tax lien on it? For example, a owner has tax in arrears. They have not paid their
taxes for a few years. And let’s just give you an example. This can be the same with
any mortgage as well. So if a house has a mortgage on it. Now essentially what you have to look at it as an encumbrance, right. So when your attorney or title
company does a title search they’re gonna see that this
property is not owned free and clear because it has some liens on it, which could be a tax lien,
could be a mortgage lien on it but it has some type
encumbrance on the title that will not make it
transfer free and clear unless those encumbrances are paid. So I’m gonna keep this real simple. J-Rock’s gonna just put
some numbers on this side so you guys will be able
to follow along, right? So let’s just say the ARV for this property is $100,000, okay. All right, so ARV’s a
$100,000 and there is a tax bill on the property for $20,000. Now this tax bill could
also be interchanged with the word mortgage. Okay, ’cause they work exactly the same. Right, so let’s just
say you go to a house. You get a phone call. You get a phone call, you go to a house and the house… You start talking with
the owner and you find out that they owe $20,000 in
back taxes on the house. Well, you’re just gonna treat
it just like anything else. You’re gonna start with
your wholesaling calculator, whatever you’re marketing it is. So you’re essentially going to take away. And I’m gonna pull out my calculator here ’cause I’m not that smart, but I’m keeping the numbers round just for you. A $100,000 house and we’re
gonna minus 30 percent, 30 percent is what you’re gonna
minus in an average market. Now, it might change in your market. Some wholesalers might do it different, but taking away the 30 percent
is what makes the house an actual deal to begin with. House is worth 100,000
fixed up, we’re gonna remove 30 percent, that leaves us with 70 grand. Let’s just say the repairs
on the house are 20,000. You’re gonna minus the repairs. Okay, so 70,000 minus 20,000
in repairs leaves 50 grand. And let’s just say you
as a wholesaler you want to make $10,000 assignment fee, right. So you’re gonna minus $10,000
and that’s gonna leave your maximum allowable
offer at $40,000, now right. But what we’re gonna do
is we’re not gonna offer 40, our first offer’s
gonna be minus 15 percent. So your first offer’s gonna
be around $34,000, okay. Now keep this in mind, the person told you that they already have a
mortgage balance of $20,000 or delinquent taxes of $20,000. They’re both interchangeable. They work the same, that’s why I’m just gonna do this one video. So, now you start your negotiation and let’s just say you offer $19,000. Well the reality is you could
offer whatever you want, but knowing this situation
if you offered $19,000 and the seller accepts,
the seller has to bring $1,000 to closing in order to wipe the encumbrances off
of the actual property so they can be transferred
to the new buyer. Now most sellers are not gonna do that. Not unless they’re in a
very, very sticky situation. It has happened, but it’s not likely. So let’s, let’s go back. Let’s just say the
repairs on this property were 40,000 and everything
goes 20,000 less. And you’re maximum allowable offer probably could only be $15,000. That means the seller’s gonna have to make up the difference between 15 and five. But in reality, this
property with the numbers we’re working with $100,000
ARV minus 30 percent, leaves us 70,000 minus
the repairs of $20,000, leaves 50,000 minus your assignment fee, leaves $40,000, okay. So with that being said, your maximum allowable offer is 40,000. There is an encumbrance on the title, which in this situation is
back taxes, which is 20. So let’s just say you and
the seller agree on 40,000. At the closing your
seller will walk away with roughly 20 grand and the other 20 grand will go to the back taxes
or the back mortgage or the mortgage balance that
is owed on the property. So it’s pretty simple. So the answer to the question is yes, you can wholesale a house
that has delinquent taxes or a mortgage, but your
offer usually or always has to be above what the balance is owed. And if you can’t agree to that term then you’re probably
not gonna have a deal. Now, I wanna break down the same scenario with my cell phone. For example, new iPhone 10 walks out. I walk into AT&T and I get
the phone on a payment plan. Let’s just say it’s $1,000
divided over 20 payments, okay. So let’s just say I’m halfway
through my payment plan and I decide to get a new phone. Okay, an Android phone. I don’t know why I would ever do that. Makes no sense, but
let’s just say I decide to get an Android phone. The balance on my phone is 500. And let’s just say J-Rock
wants to buy my iPhone. And he wants to buy it from me for $400. Well, the reality is I owe
AT&T $500 for this phone, so I will have to pay
the difference of $100 in order for me to sell
this phone to J-Rock so J-Rock can put his own
service in this phone. If I don’t pay that, then
AT&T will not clear the phone or unlock it and allow J-Rock
to put his service on it. But, if J-Rock offers
me $600 for the phone, 500 of it would go to AT&T
to pay them what I owe for the phone and $100
will go in my pocket. It’s exactly the same when
you’re wholesaling a house that has a mortgage or a tax
delinquent situation on it. All right, guys so that
pretty much is the answer to can I wholesale a house with a mortgage or a tax delinquent situation? Keep in mind if you’re
watching this video this far and you’ve learned something
please give it a like, a thumbs up, share it with a
friend that has this question and I’m glad I was able to answer it. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
and I’ll see you guys later. Peace.


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  • Regina Dyson

    So this has to happen before the property goes to the tax sale. If the property is purchased at the tax sale, the seller has a right of redemption period.

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  • Macy Camille

    I have a tricky situation, but I think I may have a good deal. I found a property on my city’s tax delinquent list, they owe more than the property’s worth atm…. it’s a fixer upper but the areas comps are amazing so I’m willing offer over what they owe a little. Is this a good idea? Should I contact them? I feel like I could work out a great deal with this one. Someone help!

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