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Wholesaling Real Estate | Don’t Get Scammed By Co-Wholesaler

hey guys welcome back my name is DJ but
everyone called me Rehabinhighheels and today’s topic we’re going to talk
about Optionee and Optionor are pretty much co-wholesaling I know a lot of
people have been hitting me up on my Instagram which is rehab in high heels
as well on my Facebook page which is rehab in high heels so let’s get to it
all right so what is option en option or pretty much an agreement that I’ve
created with other wholesalers and what this Intel is let’s say that you are
the wholesaler to market out and find motivated seller you actually did the
MAO to lower down the price as well you had them sign your contract is open to
the title company as well to the real estate attorney however you want to
submit your turn your contract but you don’t have a in buyer or you start you
for an empire and you know someone else in particular is also in real estate or
as a wholesaler that have a pretty significant list of cash buyers and you
want to collaborate with them this Agreement pretty much helped you in
several ways one allow your Koho seller permission to mark it out to their
database to their marketing strategies to get an end buyer for your motivated
seller before your deadline hit normally what I do is I put a forty five sixty
five day agreement on my contract for the motivated seller and what that
really does is allow me to if something happened with the environment it and
they fall out it will allow me to not go back to the motivated seller upsell them
again a reason why we’re clothes on the date that is signed on
the agreement so it just gives me a longer timeframe to focus on finding the
Empire but let’s just say that all my empires that I have on my database
it’s either don’t have any funds or they’re done for the year so you don’t
want to limit yourself while you’re building your database on motivated
sellers as well motivated cash buyers with just your database so you bring on
a coho seller so there’s three reasons why this agreement is so important one
it’s just to give permission to your coal-cellar
the rights to wholesale your deal by marketing to let’s say that it gets to
the closing they provided a in buyer you submit your agreement to the title
company and allow them to delegate and disperse the assignment fee and three
it’s also to protect you as the logic daisy-chain which is pretty much you are
the motivated seller as well as a wholesaler for this particular deal you
give permission to another coal-cellar they are marketing but they end up
finding another whole seller which mean they didn’t find an empire and that
whole seller in the marketing to their database which can find another cell and
then lower the whole you find it in buyer and now the question is who is the
piece of the pie well you know you get the piece of the
pie first and foremost because you have the seller contract but the contract
that you or the agreement without having this contract in place allow one of
those cells to end up giving permission to three or four other people which is
up creating a daisy chain and nobody is finding an n/bar besides the
last person well the question is who deserve that split of course it would
not be I the first person get permission to but it would be the last person that
actually provides an end buyer and so what this agreement does is give them a
clear understanding hey you only have 15 days or however you come up an agreement
with but I normally put 15 days on my agreement to find a cash buyer if you do
not find a cash buyer you no longer have the rights to take pictures to advertise
to put it on Facebook Craigslist bandit signs you name it because you have
expired in the timeframe I allowed you as permission and then I was at the same
time you don’t want to be the person that have a contract and something
happens like they forgot to pay this agreement is so important as a cold
cellar that I use it till this day I end up having my mentees use this same
agreement for any other code so that they have met during their experience or
just their trials and tribulations that it only protects you you want to protect
not only your motivated seller but you want to also protect you as well the
Cosell and say this is just business and someone refused to sign it then that’s
not really meant for you to partner up with someone so it’s not really a JV
agreement a JV agreement and my definition is there is a property that
you want to rehab and fix and flip and you provide the property they provide
the funds and you guys came together and did the work and put it back on the
market that’s what they gave the agreement I believe this flex option has
a clear deciced responsibility for one whole seller to
the next and then you guys come together so you don’t have to chase anybody down
and find out where your money is that you just goes to the title company the
title company have your check or your wire and you’re done and now here’s a
great thing you have a relationship with them they will end up using the same
agreement to another person because you want to do great business it’s not
saying I don’t trust you but it’s just the fact that I want to do business with
you let’s do it the right way so I really do hope that this short snippet
about cash the option is option err is very informative for you if you are
looking for this agreement I have an in my description page so click on the link
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comments I don’t say that because I want you to just leave them but it really
does help me help you and expand into your career in your business as a real
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and Thursday and I’ll see you bye

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