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Wholesaling Real Estate | Charlie Villanueva and Lala


  • Bl Rivers

    I'm ma have to get off the potty or poop!! I can't just keep sitting here watching y'all doing the damn thing!! I'm pumped!! Keep the vids coming Max. I love how you mix the content up and dont keep showing the same stuff! I luv you man!!

  • Dragon Manifest

    He didn't REALLY want it but at least he's SMART for investing in Real Estate.. Unlike MOST Black Athletes and Entertainers. My friend's son plays for the Sun's and I been trying to get him to park his money in real estate for 15yrs and he just refuse to do it bc he thinks is "TOO RISKIE". But he blows money like CRAZY though… SUCH A SAD SITUATION with our ppl mentality these days… Integration mess us up mentally and FINANCIALLY more than ANYTHING

  • Butler.Buys.Houses

    I was ready for the tour!! Ima have to kick ur ass Max lol. Great content bro, I was too engaged lol.


    Nice work. Looking forward to seeing the end result and final numbers! When the time comes circle back around.

  • Nawbro

    How does someone like myself who doesn’t have a business already in motion. I’m new to this and have only done research thus far, I plan on getting into wholesaling heavy but I notice guys always talk about the basics but my questions are, how do I create a contract? Who validates the contract who do I take the contract to once I find a motivated seller and what’s the spill when I’m talking to a seller and they say whoa your kinda young what do you do for a living ?what are the questions sellers ask you and how do you answer them when you are COMPLETELY NEW to this ?

  • Skyy Investments

    That’s too bad that this guy got caught up in today’s trend. Everyone thinks it’s sexy to be a FLIPPER but don’t really understand it’s one of the hardest components of real estate investing. I would’ve advised him to shadow someone that does this every day and takes on smaller projects. NEVER put your money into something you don’t fully understand. I wish them the best I hope he doesn’t become a motivated seller. I’ve done multiple projects and I still bump my head. Follow me: [email protected] whats_in_the_skyy

  • Growth Mindset

    As always, AMAZING content. Looking to grow my small YouTube channel of 50 subscribers. Your videos definitely keep me going!

  • Gooney

    Just so you know on YouTube people don't like that you'll have a full video yet post some of it. It seems like a money grab and I know it's to build up hype but for what? Oh the money…. so yeah especially the people who watch and aren't subbed, they'll see that and leave considering who wants to wait a week for a YouTube video. We barely wanna wait for movies so that's on me, I'd never wait for a YouTube video unless there was some purpose. Like education, but in this video instead of education it's more of experience because technically your not learning much here just observing and seeing what you can take from it. Anyways tho no hate, just saying I wanted the whole video and unless you don't have it yet than I don't see it as anything other than a money grab. Which is of course okay I guess, but I just don't like money considering how it makes people act.

  • Games dmc

    I need my intro back,one of the best parts of the song was cut out,another few more secs back on the intro and i would have heard it. true fans dont play


  • Steph

    This reminds me of the project I am doing right now. I didnt REALLY want it but the deal made sense AND I already built comps in the area but ended up being a new framing project with all the rotted wood. I also subbed everything out myself.

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