Wholesaling Real Estate Blueprint Home Study Course
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Wholesaling Real Estate Blueprint Home Study Course

Hey, this is Chris Goff. Three-Time
Best-Selling Author and National Real Estate and Marketing Expert and you’re
about to discover the 10 Most Powerful Steps to Mastering the Wholesaling
business. No matter if you’re just starting out or if you flipped a few
properties. Now is the perfect time to be in real estate. There are tons of
opportunities right in your own backyard with the proper knowledge you’ll be on
your way to becoming a successful real estate investor. I started wholesaling
back in 1999. I was a newbie to the business and I didn’t have much money. I
was living paycheck to paycheck. I just knew there was a better way to make
money and if I didn’t take action nothing would ever change. So I quit my
job and I started full-time working the wholesaling strategy and I messed up
everything from driving the wrong neighborhoods, running the wrong numbers and incorrectly filling out contracts. It wasn’t as easy as all the Guru’s said it
would be but I continued and didn’t give up. I finally figured out that there are
10 Executable Steps that you must do in the correct order to successfully close
wholesale deals and once I mastered them I flipped 46 homes within my first 12
months without using any of my money or credit. I finally understood the meaning
of no money no credit transactions. Now after 20 years in the business, I’ve
compiled these steps in an info-packed course, How to Wholesale Real Estate
Blueprint. This program is not about theory. It walks you through each step so
you know exactly what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Armed with the knowledge given, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition. Let me
show you inside this powerful money-making program. You’ll first learn
how to jumpstart your new business. You’ll discover how to properly set up
your business, how to determine the best business name, how your business card
should look, understanding your local market and a step-by-step checklist to
follow so you stay on track. You’ll discover how to set up your power team,
who they are and how to find them. You’ll know exactly how to create a powerful
team of skilled pros that will help you build a profitable business. Next, you’ll
learn my step-by-step system in detail. You’ll discover the best ways to find
these hidden opportunities, how to contact the owner and what to ask the
owner with our powerful phone scripts and questions worksheet.
You’ll learn how to properly inspect properties within 15 minutes, this
process shouldn’t take hours and you don’t need to be a certified inspector
to do it. You’ll know exactly how to make an offer with our all-cash offer
worksheet, which took seven years to figure out. You also learn how to
properly fill out a contract, what goes in it, how to present it and how to get
the seller to sign it. Your confidence will skyrocket when you discover that
you can legally back out of a deal and not lose money if all else fails. You’ll
be amazed when I teach you one of the best secrets I know in step six so you
never lose a great deal again. You’ll learn how to write marketing ads to get
your deals sold quickly and what type of buyers you can sell to. I will also teach
you how to build your list of investors with our buyers list for investor
worksheet. This worksheet has all the questions you’ll need to ask to ensure
you build an unlimited number of buyers for your properties. Once you learn this,
you’ll never have to advertise for buyers again as you’ll have a go to list
of investors right in front of you. You’ll discover that there are two ways
to sell your property, the contracts, how to fill them out and which way is more
profitable. You’ll learn how to build relationships with your local title
company or closing attorney and of course how you get paid. But one of the
most exciting parts of the program is that you’ll receive our wholesaling
game plan. This is a to-do list on steroids. No need to try to figure out
what to do, I’ll show you in our 90-day action plan. With this action plan at
your fingertips, you’ll speed up success regardless if you’re working the
business full-time or part-time. Hey, if you have five hours a week, you can do
this. Also included with your program are ten informative videos, where I teach you
every tip I know so you can perfect each step and start making money. You’ll
discover eleven forms I use in my business that include phone scripts,
contracts, inspection forms, buyer and seller worksheets and more.
You’ll also receive my patented Real Estate Deal Chart. This is a quick
reference chart that lists all the Executable Steps in order, so you stay on
track. Want to learn on the go? Great! Also included are ten audios that you
can listen to on your smart phone. If it’s not in this program, we don’t use it
in this business. You’ll have everything you need to get started making money with wholesaling. We make sure each course is easy to read, easy to understand and easy to execute. You just have to get started.
Grab your personal copy of my Wholesaling Blueprint Course Right Now
and get out of the rat race start making money and do what’s right… and that’s
helping other people! I look forward to hearing about your success!


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