Who Is The Best Real Estate Agent in Westwood Los Angeles

Hey guys! Paul Argueta here! Today I’m gonna share with you who the best real estate agent is in Westwood based on sales reports provided by Broker Metrics by
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we upload new videos so that you can see them right away. Now, you wanna know who the top ten real estate
agents in Westwood are, huh? And you wanna know who the best of the best
is? Well, I’m going to share it with you. We use a tool called Broker Metrics, and what
Broker Metrics does is it extracts and pulls all of the sales history reports from the
Multiple Listing Service. Now, these reports don’t reflect any off market transactions and they don’t reflect any commercial transactions. It’s all strictly residential, so using that
tool we can see who is doing what and how their sales figures are doing. Now, you might be working with, you might
be interviewing, you might be working for a real estate agent that does not appear on
this top ten list. That does not mean that they aren’t a good
agent or a good broker, all it means was that last year they didn’t have the sales figures
that some of these top agents did, and so if you feel comfortable and confident that
the person who you’re working with or for is someone that can get you from point A to
point B then by all means keep working with that person. That agent probably shares a lot of the similar
qualities that I’m gonna talk about in a little bit that these top ten agents share. Now that being said let’s get started. So let’s start with number ten. The number ten best agent in Westwood based
on sales figures provided by Broker Metrics is James Bremner. Number nine, Cynthia Ambuehl. Number eight, Jimmy Heckenberg. Number seven, Lawrence Young. Number six, Ron F. Smith. Number five, David Berg. Number four, Kurt Rappaport. We’ve made it to the top three real estate
agents in Westwood. These are the best of the best agents. Now, number three, Drew Fenton. Number two, Santiago Arana. And the number one top producing agent in
Westwood, Los Angeles is David Offer. “But Paul didn’t you go to UCLA? Aren’t you a real estate agent in Westwood? Why didn’t you make the list?” Alright, these agents they bested me last
year. I tip my hat to these agents. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some
of these agents on transactions last year. They are great people to work with and they
just outsold me last year. No shame in that. I didn’t have a bad year. I had a really really good year last year
and I want to thank all of the clients, all of the friends and family that allowed me
to represent them and service them last year. These guys just happened to hit a few more
home run than I did, so congratulations to the top ten agents in Westwood, Los Angeles. Now, what I would like to share are some of
the qualities that these top ten agents possess and how they got onto that list, and again
you might already be working with an agent that shares a lot of these similar qualities,
so let’s talk about quality number one. Number one, they protect their brand. This is very important. These real estate practitioners understand
that above all else they’re the CEO of their own company, their own brand. And yes they may work for a franchises, they
may work for independent brokerages, they make be their own independent brokerage, but
at the end of the day they take full responsibility for their brand and they guard it and they
protect it. See we live in a day and age where you’ve
got people who are out there sharing their content via social media and they’re actually
hurting their brand more than they’re helping it. I like to use a story or what happened to
Beyonce a few years back when she performed at the Super Bowl. When she was at the Super Bowl Beyonce likes
to sing, dance, perform, she’s amazing, but because she was doing all this the photographers
managed to capture a few images of her that were a little bit less sexy than she wanted
to appear. Her PR team got on the horn contacting those
photographers and anyone that had those images and they immediately requested that they start
taking them down. Now, understand that Beyonce spends hundreds
of thousands, millions of dollars a year protecting her brand with her PR firm, but we have people
who will damage their own brand for free. Well, not these top ten agents in Westwood. These agents make sure that they protect their
brand, make sure that they have it well insulated, and they really don’t do anything that would
embarass Mom or Nana. So, first quality, they protect their brand. Quality number two, these agents listen more
than they talk. Now, the younger version of me as a real estate
agent would walk into a meeting with a prospective client… You know what I’m not gonna edit that out. I’m gonna leave that part in. It feels more raw, more real. So, the younger part of me… The younger version of me would walk into
a meeting with a client, prospective client, future client, client, and I would probably
tell them all the wonderful things that I was attending UCLA, that I got my real estate
license at the age of 18, that I became the top salesmen in my brokerage almost immediately,
and it was very braggadocious and self indulgent and I was telling them all these things that
I thought they needed to hear in order to feel comfortable hiring me to represent them,
and nine times out of ten I talked myself out of those meetings and out of those potential
clients. So, what I learned was that I was doing a
poor job of figuring out what it is my clients needed so that I could best frame how I was
going to support what it is that they wanted to accomplish. The top ten agents on this list are very good
at listening first, and so what they will do is they will ask a lot of questions, and
they will ask these questions so that they can find out the best way to diagnose how
to handle the situation. You know every situation is different and
so there’s a saying, “You have two ears and one mouth. You should use them in that proportion.” So, top ten agents in Westwood what they do
is they listen more than they talk. The top ten agents have a supporting cast. So, these top ten agents know, as do I now,
that you can’t be everything to everyone all the time. You’re going to need to have a team – this
team can consist of your marketing team, your copyright team, your photographers, your graphic
designers, it could also include the escrow team, your transaction coordinator, your gardeners,
landscape artists, interior design. You name it these people understand that they’re
not gonna be able to do all of that stuff on their own, and so they employ the best
of the best to be apart of their team. Now, when the team fails the agents knows
that it falls on them and it’s their responsibility. When the team succeeds it was a total team
effort and that was the reason that they won. So, understand that these agents there will
be times where they might be on vacation and you don’t even realize it because they have
such a strong supporting cast that believe in them, that believe in their vision, and
that believe in the final goal of offering invaluable service, so these agents have a
supporting cast and they know how to use them.The final quality that all of these agents possess
is that they are full service. The whole package. The whole shabang. They can do everything from A to Z. It doesn’t matter what the scenario is that
you throw at them they know how to handle it. Luxury sales, trust sales, probate sales,
pro athlete relocation, whatever it is they can handle it and they’ve got the right team
of people behind them. We talked about this earlier, the right team
of vendors that can help you accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish, so you need
an interior designer they’ve got it. You need some repairs from a contractor they’ve
got it. You want to make some improvements to the
property before you put it on the market they can assess that, introduce it to a contractor,
and almost tell you what the after repair values want to be once those repairs are complete. One of the things that I’ve started doing
lately for a lot of my clients is I’ve started offering mobile storage units, and the reason
that I do this is because I know and I realize that when your selling your property sometimes
it takes a lot of effort to get that furniture that you don’t use every day, clothing you
don’t use every day, things in a house that you don’t use every day out of the house,
and for some of my clients who might be towards their retirement years a lot of them don’t
have the energy to really go out there and get that stuff out so what we do is we get
the storage unit in onto their property, they fill the storage unit with anything they don’t
use on a regular basis so that we can declutter the home. Then, what we do is I call the storage company
back, they show up, they remove the storage company and the house looks less congested
if you will. That’s just an example of one of the things
that I offer my clients to make sure that the house sells well, and it looks well, shows
well, but the agents that we’re talking about. The top ten agents they do the exact same
thing. They have all the right vendors, they have
all the right tools. I mean we’re talking about contacts from tax
attorneys, CPA’s, 1031 exchanges. Whatever vendor you can think of they have
access to it and they know how to use it. They’re full service A to Z. I love Westwood. Yeah, I was at UCLA from 1994 to 1999 back
around the time when the O’Bannon’s, Toby Bailey, Tyus Edney, Cameron Dollar, George
Zidek, help us win the NCAA basketball championship. It was great years. I love the neighborhood. I love working with clients in that part of
town, so thank you for listening to this video. Please make sure that you subscribe so that
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this jersey it’s OKAY… no problem. I look forward to servicing. I look forward to talking to you, and one
day meeting you in person.

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