Who Is the Best Real Estate Agent in Pasadena? – Top 10 Best Agents
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Who Is the Best Real Estate Agent in Pasadena? – Top 10 Best Agents

Hey guys, Paul Argueta here! I’m
gonna cover with you who the Top 10 real estate agents in Pasadena,
California are based on sales production Before I get started I want to do some
real quick housekeeping. Please make sure that you subscribe to our channel so
that you can have access to all of our videos and all of the content that we’re
curating for you. In addition to that make sure that you ring the bell. The
minute you subscribe there’s going to be a small *bell* icon and alerts button, click
on that, and you’ll get alerts the minute our newest content is uploaded. So you
want to know who the Top 10 real estate agents in Pasadena are, huh? Well we use a
tool called broker metrics provided by Terradatum. Now broker metrics pulls all
of the sales reports from the Multiple Listing Service, okay, it does not pull
off market property sales and it doesn’t pull any commercial sales as well, so
right now you might be working with, you might be interviewing, you might be
talking to a real estate agent that may not show up on this Top 10 list of
agents in Pasadena that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a good agent. All it
means is that their sales figures weren’t enough to make it in that Top 10
list. As long as their a good fit for you as long as you feel comfortable and
confident that the real estate agent that you are working with can help you
achieve whatever goals it is that you might want to achieve then continue
working with that agent. This list is simply provided just so that you could
have an idea of who the Top 10 agents are based on sales figures.
After I share this list with you I am going to share some of the qualities
that these top ten agents have and there’s a good chance that whomever you
might be talking to outside of this list is going to share those similar quality,
so we’ll talk about that in a little bit but for now let’s just talk about the
top ten, okay? So let’s start with agent number ten, for the tenth spot we have a
a tie it was a tie between Eva Lin and Michelle Downing. Let’s talk about number
nine, for number nine we also had a tie between Jayne Parsons and Cariy
Hernandez. Number eight and you’re gonna have to forgive me if I butcher your
name, Dari Thein. Number seven, Michael Bell. For number six we have a three-way
tie, Jason Berns, Laura burns, and Teresa
Fuller. For number five, we have Janice McGlashan. For number four we have a
tie again Reni Rose and Hans Hagenmayer. We are now in the top three!
The top three real estate agents in Pasadena based on sales production
records provided by tariff data broker metrics are number three,
Jessica Romero. Number two, Max Pellegrini. And number one Tracy Do.
All of those agents on that list had a phenomenal year and I’ve had the
privilege and opportunity to work with them on several transactions as well, “but
Paul aren’t you a real estate agent?” Yes, in fact I’ve been a real estate broker
for well almost 10 years now and I’ve been in the profession for almost 25
years now, so I am a real estate agent and let me tell you my sales figures for
last year were nothing to sneeze at these agents just happened to edge me
out, so I tip my hat to the Top 10 real estate agents in Pasadena. They did a
phenomenal job last year their numbers were excellent and yes I am a real
estate practitioner and I do appreciate all of the clients have entrusted me
last year to service them. I look forward to servicing you, your friends, and your
family for many years to come. Now let’s talk about what it takes to be
in the Top 10 list of real estate agents in any city. So quality number one,
these agents are professional and they protect their brand. In this day of
social media it’s very easy for somebody to lose sight of what they should be
sharing and what they shouldn’t be sharing, and listen all real estate
practitioners have their professional life and their private life and I’m sure
that every once in a while they like to relax. They like to go out, and they like
to have a good time, but these agents in particular will always protect their
brand, okay? I use the example of when Beyonce
performed at the Super Bowl several years back. The photographers caught her
looking a little less sexy than she really wanted them to look. In other
words that the photos weren’t that glamorous they didn’t show her in a good
light and so her PR team got on the form and immediately contacted those
photographers or whomever whatever companies were releasing them and they
sent them cease and desist because they didn’t want them showing their clients
in that light, so she spends I’m assuming hundreds of thousands, millions of
dollars, just to protect her brand okay and yet there are people in our
profession that will damage their brand for free, all right? So all I’m saying is
is that these agents, the top ten, the best agents in our profession will always
protect their brand. Quality number two, these agents listen more than they talk. When I first got my real estate license I felt the need to tell people about my
education, the number of sales I had, how experienced I was, and how good I was at
my trade, at my profession, and the truth is I will talk so much about myself that
I did very little listening and the clients were telling me everything I
needed to know to help them out to get from where they’re not happy to where
they will be happy were there from point A to point B, and I wasn’t doing a good
enough job listening. I was spending more time talking. There’s the saying, “We have
two ears and one mouth and you should use them in that proportion.” I should
have been doing more listening. The top ten real estate agents in our profession.
The top ten real estate agents in Pasadena do a dang good job of listening
to their clients. We listen to what they need. We listen to what they’d like to
accomplish and then we make it our goal to go out there and help them accomplish
it. Quality number three, they have a supporting cast. Now what this means is that the best of the best agents will always have a team.
It’s impossible for me to be everywhere at the same time and to be everything to
everyone, I can’t, and the top ten agents demonstrate this. You can’t be everything
to everyone you need a good supporting cast that will mean that as a Top 10
agent you you will have your marketing team, right, you will have your
transaction coordinator, you will have your escrow officer, you will have your
primary vendors that will help you during the process, so understand that
you need to have a supporting team and the agent that you pick will most likely
have a strong supporting cast of people behind them. Understand that yes they do
receive the glory but at the end of the day it was a team effort that got this
job done, so I will say this when something goes wrong okay it’s my fault.
When something goes right and we succeed it’s the team’s effort that got us there.
The last and final quality that the top ten real estate agents in Pasadena share
is that they are all full-service. Now, what does that mean? That means that you name the problem they can get it solved,
okay? There isn’t something that they haven’t experienced or hurdled that
they can’t overcome, okay? Whether it be a probate, a trust sale, a divorce sale,
what-have-you. Whether you need a home staging company,
professional photography, 3d virtual tours, drones, whatever you need, okay?
Recently one of the things that I’ve been doing for my clients especially
when I arrive at a home and I see that the house might be a little cluttered,
and I see that there may be excess furniture that they don’t use often or
that they don’t need is I offer a portable storage service, so I will use a
portable storage company that will come. I’m not going to name any names or any
companies, and they will come and they will bring that mobile storage unit and
they will drop it off in their driveway and I will have my clients fill that
mobile storage unit with all the stuff that they don’t need and then I’ll have
them come and pick up that mobile storage unit so that house shows well and so that the house looks bigger than it truly is, because
there are times where a home just feels small because of that cluttered
effective. Full-service, those are some of the things that we offer. Gardening
services, trash up services, locksmith. You name it these agents are full-service
they’ll take care of everything they you know they will manage the entire process
for you from start to finish.

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