Who Is Eric S. Kramer? A REALTOR® Profile

My favorite part about meeting a
client, especially for the first time I love to take the time to get to know
them and where they are in their journey and work around that. My name is Eric
Kramer I am a realtor with HER realtors in central Ohio. I enjoy working with
people and I get to help them through something that is a very stressful time
in their life. Eric is confident knowledgeable and friendly
I was pretty fed up with renting but I didn’t know how feasible it was to buy a
house so that’s why I started to talk to Eric so he helped me out in terms of
finding a loan that was appropriate and working directly with my banker to
actually make that happen so he did a really good job of helping
kind of calm my nerves in that aspect. You can ask me anything you want I am
easy to get a hold of. I want to make sure that you’re choosing the home
that’s right for you, or if you’re selling I want to make sure that you
choose the offer that’s right for you. I have all kinds of resources available to
me. If I work hard enough and I’m successful it reflects in my business. I
had such a great experience working with Eric that I’ve also referred my
girlfriend to use him to help sell her house. I am very eagerly referring him to
my friends and family too. It’s more than just selling someone a house . You go
through the gamut of emotions with a person and you really get to know them
and a lot of my clients have become really good friends of mine.

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