Which Business Model for Real Estate?
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Which Business Model for Real Estate?

If you’re a real estate agent navigating the
mine field of setting up your own real estate business, no doubt, you’re considering which
business model will suit you and your budget best. What’s the most important thing? Is
it choosing the right business model, or is the individual agent and their ability to
attract listings more critical? At One Agency, we believe it’s the latter. It’s the individual
agent that’s behind the business that is the most important and key element to success.
Our members have the freedom to grow with their own business in their own way and at
their own pace, but with the support and systems we provide to give them the foundation from
which to succeed. Principles, who already have established businesses
and who are dissatisfied with the big franchises often make the move to One Agency and find
that they can make it more profitable and have more freedom with our business model.
Sales agents, who have spent years working for another principle find themselves earning
up to four times or more their current sales income, working fewer hours and enjoying real
lifestyle balance. Most agents who join us, have looked at the figures for setting up
a traditional franchise. They know that they’re going to be up for really big dollars to get
started and then they’ll have to operate within tight constraints. They will also have considered
setting up as an independent brand. We know a lot of people think of doing that and know
that that will be costly and time consuming and put unnecessary strain on a brand new
business that’s just starting up. They also understand that it’s likely to take
far longer to establish themselves in the marketplace and that once they are out there,
they are out there alone, without support, without people to share ideas and experiences
and without a tribe or a family. They’ll be a tiny fish in an ocean of established competition.
That’s where we come in. If you want to retain control, as if you are an independent business
and yet gain the advantages of an international, established brand, then you need to talk to
us. Utilizing our proven branding and marketing eliminates the uncertainty of untested, independently
created businesses. Being a part of something bigger, where there’s support from other real
estate business owners is extremely powerful. Since 2008, One Agency has attracted a very
close-knit family of agents, who work together to grow their businesses. We are seriously
disrupting the way real estate businesses have been traditionally run. Why don’t you
consider joining the revolution?

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