Where in LA Should We Live?
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Where in LA Should We Live?

Hey guys! My name is Janett and this is the third video I’m doing in a series where I’m trying to figure out where to live
in LA. I’ve talked to to my friends in the last video so now we’re in LA
looking at different neighborhoods. We’re gonna look at Korea town, China town,
Silver Lake, Echo Park, places like that. So let’s get started. We’re currently in
Korea town. It’s very cold compared to Tempe. it’s 70
degrees here and in Tempe it’s a 103 degrees. I’m freezing. So Korea town was great. We had some
awesome food. The sun started to go down so we didn’t really film that much
anymore, but the prices were affordable. I think the only thing that we found was
that in unit laundry who’s not going to be a thing. So now we’re headed over to
Huntington Beach where we probably can’t afford it but we just want to go visit
anyway. We have been at Huntington Beach for a about 3 to 4 hours. (Victor) 34 hours?! 34 hours, stranded on the beach. And we went to this awesome ice cream place. It was called Ice cream ton? (Victor) Something like that. It was amazing, go check them out. But, It is way too expensive here. There’s like a little apartment complex over there that’s like $3,500 a month. I don’t make that much money. So this is now off the list. “And for that reason, I’m out.” That’s sheer insanity, i’m out (Janett) There’s a PETA! (Victor) Oh, you think that ice cream
place has vegan stuff? (Janett) ‘Cause it’s next to PETA? (Victor) Yea (Janett) Probably not. (Victor) Probably not? Have some faith. So we’re out of Huntington beach and now in Echo Park. We just
visited our friend Jessica and we are in Mohawk Bend, which is a vegan restaurant with non-vegan options. If you know me, I’m vegan, so I’m really
excited to try this place out. so far I’m liking Echo Park, it has a really cool park, Echo Park. And this restaurant is the bomb. Traffic is a little crazy, but overall it has a
good vibe. (Janett) Dip it real good. Hey guys, so now we are in Chinatown.
We’re pretty much in the main area. Just to get the feel of what it’s about and
try some food and see if we like it. (Janett) The wind isn’t blowing enough. (Victor) Jazz Club? How is that vegan? I’m so happy right now So we’ve been in Chinatown
for a couple hours. It’s been awesome. We found this restaurant that has vegan
cheese burgers and shakes. We’ve been walking around different shops. It has an
amazing vibe. I really love it so far it’s probably one of my favorite like towns
that we visited in LA so far. But we checked Zillow and it is so far away
from our price range and unfortunately they just don’t have anything close by
that does fit our price range so I think this one’s gonna unfortunately be out of
the race. I’m back from LA. We tried to cram as much as we could in the time that
we were in there. When it comes down to the 4 places that we looked at, Koreatown was probably the best fit for us. It was most pet friendly. It was most
within our budget and it had this modern / non modern vibe to it that me and Victor
really liked. Like there was a Starbucks and then there was like you know Korean
restaurant that’s probably been there forever. So this is where we’re gonna
start to narrow down. The next video is gonna be more fun. We took a trip to
Universal with some of our friends so if you want to watch that, stick around for
that. Thank you guys so much and let me know if there are any apartment
recommendations or anything else that you think I should know about Koreatown
if you’ve been there or you’re a local. So yeah thank you guys so much for
watching don’t forget to click that like and subscribe


  • Stephen Scott Day

    wait did you make the move?! silverlake and echopark definitely good place to live. very cultured and inexpensive area. i used to stay in echo park but YES traffic is crazy lke you said. cool watching y'all document this filmmaking journey!

  • Nadia Fedchin

    Koreatown is popular with people when they first move to LA because of its affordability and location. I assume you’re gonna make a vid when you make the big move. Looking forward to seeing it!

  • Demise Media

    Are you Native? This is an awesome video! My girlfriend & I want to relocate from the Bay Area to either Anaheim, Huntington Beach or Pasadena. Here's the catch.. we have 2 year old 😱😂It's either So Cal or Chicago, IL. Good luck on your future ventures!

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