Where can you find a home to buy? July 2017 San Diego Real Estate Market
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Where can you find a home to buy? July 2017 San Diego Real Estate Market

I’m sure you’ve heard that the San Diego
real estate market is low on inventory but we’re not alone in that challenge. That is the case in most markets throughout
the US. This month to help you out I am going to show
you the areas in San Diego with the most inventory. Maybe that will help you find the right home. I am Laura Borja and I welcome to the July
San Diego real estate market update, a special edition at the mortgage minute. Just like last month. I did put together a report comparing July’s
numbers to June as well as the year before . It covers the number of closing, median
price, days on market, the percent of original price that sellers are receiving, as well
as the overall inventory. To get the report click on the link or send
me a text. As I said our focus this month is going to
be inventory and we will begin by looking at the overall inventory throughout the county. There were almost 5900 properties listed for
sale in July througout San Diego County and these four cities had almost 23% of the total
inventory. Escondido, chula vista, Oceanside then La
Jolla with 318 properties. Let’s drill down a little bit more and look
at it based property type beginning with detached homes. Escondido once again leading the pack. Then Chula Vista, Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla
once again came in at #4 with 220 single family homes on the market in July. Those four cities represented a little over
24% of the almost 4400 property listed for sale In July throughout San Diego County. Now let’s take a look at condos and townhomes. Downtown had 233 properties listed, followed
by Oceanside with 141 then the numbers really drop with La Jolla having only 98 condos available
and Carlsbad 91 This time, the four areas had almost 38% of
the overall inventory for that category. Yes, inventory is a lot lower than it was
a year ago but there are still a lot of homes available. Knowing which areas have the most inventory
available to you can give you that edge in being able to find a property that is right
for you. Also, being prepared is key. You need to be ready to go as soon as you
find the right property. Being prepared, don’t forget. means being pre-approved. If you are ready to start that process, please
send me a text or send me a message. I will be happy to help. Same thing goes if you would like a referral
to a great realtor to help you in your home search. If you have any questions about this or any
other mortgage or real estate related topic, please feel free to reach out to me. You can send me an email, give me a call,
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Estate Market Update. I will see you next time.

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