When Should You FIRE Your Realtor?
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When Should You FIRE Your Realtor?

Hi everyone. This is your Tampa Bay
Realtor Lance Mohr .In this video I want to talk about should you fire a real
estate agent or if you’re gonna fire a real estate agent when you should fire a
real estate agent what justifies fire in the real estate agent that’s what we’re
going to go over in this video all right so when should you fire
realtor should you fire it really is it ethical is it unethical these are
questions I get quite often about the real estate agent first I’m not
advocating fire in a real estate agent don’t take me wrong in this I’m not
saying you should but I’m also not saying you shouldn’t at the end of the
day you need to look at it and see is the real estate agent really represent
in your best interest as a home buyer or a home seller do they really know what
they’re doing there is why work with someone who doesn’t know what they’re
doing now I know statistically 75 percent of buyers and sellers just go
with the first agent they meet and I understand this oh they’re a nice person
they have a real estate license let me use them this is the wrong mindset what
I think you need to do first is you need to interview regulators you need to ask
Realtor some questions so let me start off and talk about sellers first and
then I’ll get into the buyers about fire in the real estate agent all right if
you’re in a listing agreement depending on what state you’re in where you’re at
what’s going on you probably can’t get out of the listing agreement but if
you’re not happy with the realtor then simply go to the office manager because
that’s who holds the listing it’s never the real winners whether you’re a buyer
or a seller so it’s not the realtor it’s the brokerage firm who holds the listing
just simply go to the office manager tell him you’re not happy with the
realtor at all and you want to transfer real estate agents in the office that
should not be a problem depending on the office they probably will not let you
out of the contract they most likely don’t have to of course you could seek
legal counsel on this but the best thing to do is interview and talk to agents
before so you don’t get yourself in this mess if you’re not in a contract yet and
you haven’t signed it yet find an agent hire an agent that’s willing to let you
out of the contract if you’re not happy I know this is really gutsy as a real
estate agent because we do this for a living we get paid 100
Commission it’s a gutsy enough business as it is we wake up every day unemployed
until we get a paycheck but at the end of the day if the agent is really
confident if they really know what they’re gonna do they should not have a
hard time putting something in the contract that if you’re not happy to let
you out because we’re really it should be a two-way street you need to be happy
with them they need to be happy with you I actually had to call sellers before
and tell him I’m gonna send them a termination because I don’t want to be
their agent anymore that’s very unusual but again it’s a two-way street
so if you’re if your home buyer it’s a little different of course if you sign
an agreement you could do the same thing call the brokerage if you don’t again
try to ask questions prior to the agent but if you really feel the agent isn’t
representing your best interest if the agent doesn’t know what they’re talking
about if the agent is unethical why stuff like this get out of the get out
of the agreement well if you’re in agreement you may not be able to but get
out of the verbal I guess agreement with the agent because you don’t need this
now I always think it’s a good idea to really have a meaning with the ancient
or talk to him on the telephone and tell them what the problem is but if they
just don’t know what they’re doing there’s not much you could really say if
they lie to you or if they you know done something where you don’t think that
they’re you representing your best interests there may not be anything to
do but sometimes a lot of it’s just communication some people don’t always
make the wisest decisions and you know it seems like maybe they’re not
representing you but it might have just been a bad decision and you know if
that’s the case always try to get it worked out now the one thing and I’ve
said this in videos before whether you’re hiring a buyer’s agent or whether
you’re hiring a listing agent just ask them just ask them two questions why
should I work with you and what do you do different or better than all the
other agents out there and just leave it at that
see what they have to say and pick someone who really knows what they’re
doing someone who you do like and for us but it is also knowledgeable and
someone who’s going to look out for your best interest so I hope this helps leave
comments below let me know what you think have you ever had to fire an agent
you have you ever been unhappy with an agent if you have why I want to hear
from you I want to hear what you have to say these videos for you so I hope this
helps you if you’re in the Tampa Bay area and you’re looking for a good agent
give me a call watch my other videos I hope this helps
have a wonderful day and I wish you or you and your family the best of luck you


  • Richard Ulmer

    Agent don't. Care the buyer
    Thy are selling the house.for owner. The higher the price.the more.makes. get a buyer. Agent.

  • Scott Wegener

    Lance, I am currently working with an agent who has very little knowledge but is super friendly. I am in the military and plan to buy my first house when I relocate in 4 months. My wife and I have been communicating with the realtor through Facebook Messenger and have even driven down on two separate occasions to view houses and get a feel for the area. So far all the houses we have viewed we showed them from Zillow. We expressed our needs and wants in relation to housing requirements such as number of dogs allowed and ability to keep camper on property and patiental rental property once we relocate again. We have also been considering new construction. When I have a question they sometimes take days to respond or answer with IDK. I have had to do most of the research about the area such as the different city ordinances, schools, and HOAs myself. Is it because we are still several months out or should we fire our realtor. The team they work for has great reviews but after searching haven't found any reviews with the agents name specified like some of the others. What do you suggest?

  • Cherby B

    I am less than 1 week from my closing and I have not heard a word from my real estate agent. I am "very" angry because I'm dishing out all the money yet she is not doing her job in guiding me in the things I need to do to be prepared for my closing. After watching this I will be contacting the financing agent to find out what my liablity will be for backing our and contacting the Keller Williams office tomorrow to let them know my feelings.

  • Robyn Finley

    Love your advice and most people, including myself, did not click on this video because they took all preventive measures to hire an agent they are happy with having hired. I'd like to see a video about "So you hired an agent your not happy with hiring." I GET IT- I should have interviewed, etc. But I didn't so…

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