When Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer?
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When Do You Need A Real Estate Lawyer?

Man, I got asked all the time. “Do I need a lawyer when doing real estate
investing?” You know what? I’m sick and tired of the question. So, I’m going to do you a favor today. I’ve actually brought in literally one of
the most successful lawyers in the entire world who’s going to help answer that question. So, I’m super excited for you today. My friend Shawn Kelley. He just happened to be in town on a ski trip
with his family. And I arm-wrestled him. I said, “Sean, I’ve got to get the answer
to my YouTubers that are just dying to know, “Do I have to have a real lawyer?” So, before you answer that question, first
of all, I just want to welcome you and thank you for taking the time to be here. -I’m so excited to be here. I’m so thankful. I got to tell you guys. I’m just excited. I put my knuckles up and pre-caught that. Something just fascinate me about Sean. Sean is blind. Or near blind. And yet, for a lawyer, dude, think daredevil
for just a second like… Dude, this guy is the freaking ninja of ninjas. If I were to pick him against Daredevil, I
think he probably chew him up, spit him out and take him down. –Kris, the bottom line is that some of my
ideas, they do… Who’s blind, seeing what you don’t see. I would never trade my physical sight for
the things that I see and can teach people. So thank you. -No, I appreciate that. So, I’m making a claim here actually. I’m saying, “Sean is the best lawyer in the
world.” That’s not friend-talk. Will you just take a moment and just kind
of create some context around what you’ve done in the last 10 years in the legal system
which is like freaking incredible. -So, I start 20 years ago. 20 years ago I had into concept of my personal
development. Everything I have done has nothing with being
a lawyer. I don’t define myself as tough. It’s about the practice of law, the practice
of human influence. So, I’ve studied that for decades. You go, “Okay, that’s great. Wonderful. What do you have to show for it?” Couple things. 1, I built a 40-person law firm in 1 year
after quitting my job. I’ve never heard a lawyer in history of the
United States ever done that. 2, I was one of the only 2 lawyers in the
country to have 2 top 100 national on jury verdicts between 2014 to 1016. -Pause, pause, pause. Wait. You just said it so fast. You’ve had 2 of the top verdicts. Say it one more time. I want them to hear that. -Thank you. So, in the country, right? Every year, there’s a top 100 largest national
jury verdicts. 2 people appeared twice between 2014 and 2016. Me and a guy from California out of 1.2 million
lawyers in america. -Okay. So, by the way, when I say… I don’t know if he’s the best in the world,
but in America? Arguably…. Dude, I think he’s got that heavy weight championship
title wrapped around his waist. -I’ll make this bet. You find you a lawyer, I bet anywhere, I’ll
bet anywhere $100,000 on even set fax in front of any people or whatsoever that I’ll have
that heavy weight fight and I’ll crush them. That’s the bet. Anybody, anywhere, anytime. I’ve got against the biggest law firms in
the country. I’ve gone against the baddest. And these 2 top national jury verdicts. And in both of those cases, they would absolutely
liars in the other side. Told we couldn’t possibly win. Public corruption by the Inspector General
of the State of Arizona. Destroyed him on the witness stand and made
every bit of the truth come out. So, I’m not the best lawyer in America that
deal with lairs. But if the truth is it’s issue, there’s no
better place to go than right here. -Okay. So, I just got to tell you dude, this guy
brings the heat. If you’re watching this… And I don’t know if you’re watching this like,
“Actually I got a legal something going on in my life.” The link below actually will share with you
Sean’s YouTube channel. He’s actually debuting on YouTube. And he actually has a goal of becoming the
legal encyclopedia of not law. –Of showing how law should be done, why he
wins, how he wins. Because that’s Shawn’s track record right
now. It’s huge. -Kris, you have to use the words hack, disruption. And we’re hacking and disrupting the legal
industry to make it what it should be. That’s my life’s outcome to help people. -Dude, we’re going to get to real estate. But I just got to ask. How to you feel in general about lawyers being
one? -Dude, I don’t… It’s incredibly frustrating. The entire system is built the wrong way. It’s built on judges who I respect everything
that they’re doing, the sacrifices they make. But their judge, by how fast they get rid
of people from the system. How fast the cases go away that is not about
truth or justice. And the key is judges need to enforce rules
about destroying liars. Enforce imperjury convictions, doing thing
that are ethically appropriate with lawyers. They don’t do it because everybody’s in this
community. I’ve plan to disrupt that. -Okay, So, you’ve heard of like 900 pound
gorilla. That sometimes a phrase that people use for
lawyers that.. They’re like the biggest and the best. They can just destroy, right? Well, dude, this guy is not in gorilla status. He’s now in like, T-Rex status. He’s like a 400-ton T-Rex. And I’m serious. We’ve spent hours in exchange stories. And I’ve just heard some of the most amazing
ways that he’s been enable to help people that have been treated wrongly, mistreated
and the legal system would’ve actually done them harm. And fortunately you were there to make all
the difference in their world. Personal character, outside of career. Dude, I just love hanging out with you. I love the man you are. The personal of integrity you are. So guys, I’m introducing you to right now,
in my opinion the person in the law firm that right now, if I ever had anything going down
in my life. Unfortunately you do business, you do real
estate. And if you do… If you get big enough and you’ve build big
enough empire, the reality is that you had target in your back. And even when you do things right. -And Kris. Thank you. That’s so kind, right? I’ve met a ton of amazing people and we met
through the Tony Robbins’ eco-system. I’m sitting here because you’re at the top
of that list. And I’m mean that sincere. From integrity, skill-set, brilliance. Unbelievable. I’m honored and I love our relationship that
we’re going. -Dude, appreciate it Shawn. He, got me knuckles 2 times today. This is so rare. I love it dude. -Now would it occur so fast something like
a punch in the face…. -But you know what’s really crazy? He actually has his son on this ski with him. And Sean goes down in the mountain with microphone
and his son is saying, “Go left, Go right.” And I’m like, “Dude, that’s so crazy. How on earth would you go down in an entire
mountain having almost no visual acuity?” And like, it’s mesmerizing when you look at
his entire life and what Sean does. And so, we are going to get to question which
is, “Do we really need a lawyer in the game of real estate?” -My answer Kris is no. I mean, at times, you do. But for dominantly, one of the key things
as people launch an entrepreneurship. And most lawyers would never have the courage
to say this. They go, “I’m going to get sued.” I don’t care, right? You’re not going to sue me. I’m telling you. It’s a case by case analysis. But the key issue is this. You don’t because sometimes don’t have the
money. And we don’t have the money to go of this
video and others that will do is to teach you what you can do on your own so you can
get into the game. And to Kris’ doing, to create financial freedom
he’s talking about. And not have to worry about that expense. The answer is no, you don’t. -Wow, okay. So, I will tell you that there’s got to be
times. And there are times when if you’ve ever walking
into unknown. If you don’t feel like you have complete advice,
if you’re like trusting someone that you don’t really know if the information is accurate
enough. Or maybe you’re just reading something on
the line, reality is, it doesn’t actually hurt to check with the lawyer. Most of us think, ‘Uh-oh! If I hire a lawyer, it’s going to cost me
an arm, a leg, my first born child.” Even if they’re not on the planet yet. Is it true that actually even just running
things past the lawyer that it’s going to be crazy expensive? -Absolutely not. There’s so many lawyers including our firm. That will give you a free consultation for
5 minute or 10 minute phone call. And give you a little bit of guidance and
advice over the phone. We do it all the time. It’s a great way for lawyers to begin to build
their business, create relationships. So we have 130 people on the firm or growing
all over the country. We’ll certainly do. But so many lawyers will. And maybe at the call 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
in your own state or where you are. But go through that process. And a lot of people to build their relationship. And because each one want to contribute. They want to give and help. They understand. You’re starting out. If they help you work, it’s going to be amazing
for them overtime. And that’s what you should be doing. Make sense? -Dude, I hope this is amazing for you guys. As it is for me. Because I just love spending time with Sean. He’s an amazing person. And just a testament to him, my experience
in the past with my previous lawyer is that I get on the phone for 3 minutes and I’m being
build by the second, I feel like. And I’ve spent literally 7 figures on lawyers
in the past just because I’ve done almost a billion dollars worth of business. But all the time I’ve known Sean, I got a
question, I need advice. And men, he’s always been there to hug me
up, stir me right. That’s exactly what his YouTube channel is
doing. And so, I just want to take a moment. I think we’ve answered the question really
well. But I just want to drop this on you. Sean, actually… If you check the link below…. -Just before you get into something good for
me… -I love you, brother. Alright this. For you. If you’re doing this on your own, put a loser’s
pay attorney’s fee provision in that. We’ll give that to you for free. Loser pays attorney fee provision. That keeps the other side honest from coming
back and harm you later on. And it means that you’re legal fee is, if
they’re wrong and trying to harm you, will be paid by them. Right? -So Sean is actually just dropped like actually
like, really cool golden nugget on you. That if you ever find yourself in a legal
situation and the loser is responsible for paying the fees. And if you have the right person or if you’ve
got the T-Rex like Sean and his team in that’s backing you up, there’s no way that you’re
going down without justice being served and the truth coming out. Which means the loser, they’re going to have
to eat and pay those fees. Dude, thank you for that gold nugget. -Absolutely brother. -Awesome. I appreciate it. That’s great. Great track reacord here. So, listen. I just want to tell you guys that link below,
Sean is launching his YouTube channel. And I’m telling you, he will be number in
the world known for giving the most amazing legal free advise to everyone to help as many
people as possible. It’s his heart, it’s his nature. It’s why he’s been so successful like he has
been. And if you ever have something serious come
to the math, then you’re going to want to go to his YouTube channel. Get in touch with him and his team. And get the help with the legal system the
way it should be run not the way that it is run. Do not put your life in the hands of chance. Put it in the hands of someone with track
record that can decimate the competition. That’s my experience with you Sean. And thank you for taking time out of your
skip trip this year. Dude, I appreciate it. -Thank you bro. -Thank you so much. Guys, thank you so much for watching the video
today. Dude, Sean is super star and stud. For the rest of you that are like, “Dude,
Kris. You’ve got your own legal contracts. You got your own legal paper work. You’ve dotted you’re eyes, you’ve crossed
your tease….” Guys, I’ve already got all the lawyers in
my pocket ready to serve you. So when you know that it’s time to get in
the game of real estate, you want to play it serious, all the legal contracts, the paper
work I’ve gone through, I’ve paid the price and it’s available for you. So, if you’re thinking, “Man, maybe this is
my time to financially live life in my terms the way I want”, click the link. Get with my team. And we’re going to give you a game plan showing
you how to make that million dollars. And I want you to know with confidence that
we’re dotting all of our eyes when it comes to legalities so that you have confidence
in what you’re building and what you’re creating. So guys, thanks for watching today. Sean, thanks for being here today brother. I appreciate you. And dude, for the rest of you guys. Listen, make sure that you are a subscriber. Check out his channel and we’ll see you on
tomorrow’s video.


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