What’s Inside LEGO HOUSE Scavenger Hunt – REBRICKULOUS
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What’s Inside LEGO HOUSE Scavenger Hunt – REBRICKULOUS

This week on REBRICKULOUS we’re seeing What’s
Inside the LEGO House! Hey guys we are here with Dan and Lincoln
from What’s Inside. We got to hang out with them a few months
ago, we did an escape room. Dimitry and I may or may not have broke a
rule that cost us the win. “REBRICKULOUS boys, you are disqualified”. They also did really good. If you guys have never seen What’s Inside,
what’s on your channel? We cut things open and see what’s inside. Yeah I’m excited to see whats inside of the
LEGO House. We are in Billund, Denmark. We are right next to the place where the original
LEGO brick was made. Christiana’s inside, she’s got a scavenger
hunt for us, let’s go! Okay so we have a rematch to do today guys,
i have hidden clues throughout the entire LEGO house, all you have to do is find all
of the clues and complete the challenges and find me. Who ever does it first gets a surprise! Be gone friends, go have fun! Okay first clue, it’s time to get creative
head to the place where creativity flows to find your next blue buried in its colorful
waters. Dinosaurs are creative but its not water. Is that a waterfall? Yes! Pick a flower to find your clue. You wont need a fishing rod but you might
need dad jokes. I think there’s some flowers in the yellow
zone, cool we’re going to find the yellow zone. DO you think that itd be like up here in its
colorful waters? I found it! Okay use your creativity to build 6 different
things using 6 bricks for each. Okay so each of us do 3. Pick a flower to find the clue. It also said something about dad jokes. That has to mean something right? Maybe that’s just a nod to you? You much create a fish that can laugh and
release it into the wild. Okay well i know there’s a fish designer in
the yellow room somewhere. if we can find the fish designer i think we’ll
be good. It’s right there. This is very fishy. Okay we have to build our fish and then we
scan it in the system so our build will be in the tank. Ill try and make a fish, and ill try and make
a different fish. What did you build. I made a brick out of brick, second one is
a spaceship almost, and my third I just built a staircase with a little base on the bottom. So this is a tower, like a manufacturing tower
where they build things, this is like a pyramid, and this is a tree. I like how we can make different combinations
out of 6 brick, look how different our things are. Okay lets head to wear yellow and blue meets,
green!!! lets go. I think i got my fish, line it up nicely,
scanning now. He looks happy. Let’s put this little guy in here, he’s swimming. What’s that? Clam! There might be a pearl inside. Open! That just responded to his voice. Look they’re turning up! The yellow zone is all about tapping into
your emotional creativity. It’s about being insightful how the other
person is feeling, and being able to translate that into building. So we made our fish and released it into the
wild. Head to the room that is opposite of happy
and help the rock band play their show. So opposite of happy, sad. Sad room, would that be blue? This guy, is on to something! We gotta find the blue zone, let’s go. The green zone, I dont know how we’re going
to find the clue. It’s like a world of people working together. theres a fireman going up the volcano trying
to put it out, look there’s a guy in there. theres little hidden easter eggs all throughout
this building. But the one important Easter Egg we need is
our clue and we cant seem to find it. We gotta step it up, we gotta beat these guys. What’s that over there? Help the fans get to the venue so the rock
band can play their show. What’s that over there? Oh yes, good eagle eye! Oh look, once you put something here people
walk around, maybe you have to start building things so that it leads them to the rock show. Oh dude, yes! I’m going to meet up with Dean and see how
he’s doing. I’m still building, wow! Hmm, no. Look the city at night. I found the clue Lincoln look over here. recreate yourself to star in your own magazine
shoot! This place is so cool though, it’s so cool. I know you love this place, we will come back. I’m just going to have to do this without
Dimitry. Dimitry, I’ve got some news, I took care of
it. Yeah i mean, that’s great, theyre at the show. Can you get the drums? My structure would’ve been really good. Okay Lincoln, this is where we make our whole
LEGO person, this whole bin is filled with outfits, and heads and bodies. So we’re gonna build one and we need to make
a magazine cover with our guy that we made. You make one for you, I’ll make one for me. That kind of looks like me, right? Does my hair match? No. I don’t think I have that much hair anymore. I have a toolbox because I like tools and
a saw. Okay Lincoln, you go first, scan your name,
put your guy in. Yeah I gotta make it look good first. Mini figure of the year. Take your picture, oh now it’s focusing. Okay now we have to head off and build the
lunch order. Oh that sounds good to me. Mini chef, that’s where we build our lunch. We gotta build it? Go off and build your lunch order to receive
your next clue, so it’ll be at the cafe. You just put it together and it knows what
you want? Yeah so theres the tray, you take the bricks,
and based on what you want you pick a different brick and pop it in. There’s coleslaw, salad, lets get salad. This is our food, lets go. So here’s the deal, we’re behind these guys,
but over there is a little thing that looks like a llama, and theres been clues all day
hidden let’s recreate this and put it in there and see if that works. What do you think? It might be faster, let’s do it. there we go, yay. Look at that yellow brick. There’s our build on the top too. Hey guys how’s your food? Did you get the right food? No. Think Christiana’s not going to give us some
clues? We were supposed to build that one! There’s our box, if there’s a clue in it,
it’s game over. Make it go faster. Yay! Head to the vault to find the first minifig
party! Hint: they live under the yellow arches. Woaahh okay, this has got to
be the place. It’s here? Your fellow builders need you. Collect the name of the LEGO creator who built
the Blue Rocket. C’mon you’ve eaten so much! Can i take it to go? Okay we’re getting closer to traditional bricks. Let me read the clue again. Head to the vault to find the first minifigure
party , they all live under the yellow arches. Hey, that looks like a blue rocket. Yellow arches, yes that’s it. We gotta collect the name. Tyler Kleitz, okay. oh clue! I am the most massive LEGO build ever created. Dude the tree of creativity. There it is, so are we looking for a clue? Oh hey, those guys. Found it, oh oh! I think you were second Lincoln. We’ll read it together…. Join me on the top of LEGO’s most iconic creation. You guys found me! These are your prizes! The power of creativity is the best prize
of all. I want a real prize. No actually the first face I saw coming up
those stairs was Lincoln!!! Here’s a little reminder of your adventures
at LEGO House! Let us know in the comments below what your
favorite part of the LEGO House is and don’t forget, watch more REBRICKULOUS, and watch
more What’s Inside! To watch more, click this escape room video
with What’s Inside, or click down here to watch more REBRICKULOUS.


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